How old is Idriss Deby?

How old is Idriss Déby?

68 years (1952–2021)Idriss Déby / Age at death

Who is Chad’s current leader?

List of heads of state of Chad

President of the Transitional Military Council of the Republic of Chad
Coat of arms of Chad
Incumbent Mahamat Déby since 20 April 2021
Residence Presidential Palace, N’Djamena
Term length 5 years, renewable once

Who was the first Chadian President?

François Tombalbaye (Arabic: فرنسوا تومبالباي Franswā Tūmbālbāy; 15 June 1918 – 13 April 1975), also known as N’Garta Tombalbaye, was a Chadian politician who served as the first President of Chad from the country’s independence in 1960 until his overthrow in 1975.

Who is the vice president of Chad?

List of vice presidents of Chad

Name Took office Left office
Negué Djogo April 1979 August 1979
Wadel Abdelkader Kamougué August 1979 June 1982
Bada Abbas Maldoum December 1990 February 1991
Djimadoum Tiraina 20 April 2021 Incumbent

Who colonized Chad?

Chad was a part of the French colonial empire from 1900 to 1960. Colonial rule under the French began in 1900 when the Military Territory of Chad was established. From 1905, Chad was linked to the federation of French colonial possessions in Middle Africa, known from 1910 under the name of French Equatorial Africa.

How did Chad became a country?

France conquered the territory by 1920 and incorporated it as part of French Equatorial Africa. In 1960, Chad obtained independence under the leadership of François Tombalbaye. Resentment towards his policies in the Muslim north culminated in the eruption of a long-lasting civil war in 1965.

Who is the head of state in Mali?

List of heads of state of Mali

President of the Republic of Mali
Emblem of Mali
Incumbent Assimi Goïta (Interim) since 24 May 2021
Residence Koulouba Palace, Bamako
Term length 5 years Renewable once

What is Chad’s currency?

Central African CFA francChad / Currency

Who was first Romania or Chad?

The two countries — situated in Central Africa and Eastern Europe — use three-stripe flags in blue, yellow, and red in slightly different shades. Romania’s flag predates Chad’s by almost 100 years, and the two share little history.

Why do Chadians speak French?

The government of Chad recognizes French and Arabic as the country’s two official languages. From 1900 until 1960, Chad was a French colony and all public services were carried out in the French language. This use of the language continues today. French is the language of both government and education.