How old is Ky Kiske In strive?

How old is Ky Kiske In strive?

He’s at least 21 years old in the first game and at least 26 in Overture. Ky was wearing an eye-patch like Sin in his short story, though on his left eye instead of his right.

What is order Sol’s weapon?

Abilities. Main articles: /Commands, or /Gameplay. Sol’s weapon of choice during this time is a rugged, improvised weapon that is nonetheless quite effective against multiple opponents. Because of the difficulty in channeling his powers, he needs to concentrate in order to release their full potential.

What is the difference between Sol and order Sol?

Order-Sol however, comes with a unique mechanic that differs from the present Sol: the Charge mechanic carried over from the very first Guilty Gear installment that improves his attacks, up to three power levels now shown on a visible gauge, which he must fill up by using his Charge and Action Charge moves.

What year is Guilty Gear set in?

The story of Guilty Gear takes place in the 22nd century, in the year 2180, five years after the end of the Crusades.

What is Holy Order-Sol?

Order-Sol is a hero from Guilty Gear debuting in Guilty Gear XX Slash. He is a representation of Sol Badguy, back when he was enlisted with the Holy Order during the Crusades, circa 2172 AD.

Why is his name sol badguy?

Sol Badguy, whose real name is Frederick Bulsara, was named after Freddie Mercury’s nickname, “Mr. Bad Guy”, by Daisuke Ishiwatari, the series’ creator, who also provided his voice in the video games.

How many daughters does sol badguy have?


Sol Badguy
Species Gear (formerly human)
Family Dizzy (daughter) Sin Kiske (grandson) Ky Kiske (son-in-law) Justice/Aria Hale (first love interest) Jack-O Valentine (second love interest)
Origin United States
Nationality American