How old is RDCWorld1?

How old is RDCWorld1?

age 27
(born September 16, 1994 (1994-09-16) [age 27]) is an American YouTuber who manages the Texas-based YouTube channel RDCworld1.

What does RDC stand for in RDCWorld1?

Real Dreams Change The World
Group Name: RDCWorld1 Stands for : Real Dreams Change The World Objective: Change the world through film and Content And this is our new merch support if you can!

What does RDC stand for YouTube?

He came up with the name and meaning of RDCWorld because it was something that resonated with him on a personal level: “Real Dreams Change the World”

Who is Ben RDCWorld?

Ben was the 5th member to join RDCWorld. He oldest of the group as well as the tallest, standing at 6’3”. Ben loves to eat but somehow never seems to gain weight. In his spare time, he loves playing games with RDC and watching anime of course.

How tall is Desmond from RDC?

5’9 Desmond Johnson is a PURE Point Guard !!

How old is Berleezy?

age 29
Berlin Edmond (born: December 16, 1992 (1992-12-16) [age 29]), better known online as Berleezy, is an American YouTuber who mainly uploads comedy videos which is him roasting cartoon characters.

Who started RDCWorld?

It started back in 2011 when Mark Phillips and Affiong Harris had the idea to create a manga. Through their vision and dedication, RDCWorld was built from nothing and became something much more.

Is RDCworld1 making an anime?

King Vader, CalebCity & RDCworld1 Are Using Anime To Build Their Own Viral Worlds.

Is Affiong still in RDC?

Affiong is one of the founding members of RDC. He started with Mark making videos ranging from manga, vlogs, animations, and skits. While he stays mostly behind-the-scenes he plays a key factor in the style of RDC. He aspires to be a prominent artist in the fields of music, animation, and film.

When did John join RDC?

John joined the RDC as a Deputy Chair in January 2016.

What happened to Desmond Johnson?

Desmond’s body was left in the heat and outside elements for nine days. He was reported missing March 1; Desmond’s co-workers at McDonald’s searched for him and found his body March 9, Johnson said.

Who is Desmond Johnson?

Desmond Johnson was born in Waco, Texas and was the 4th member to join RDC. He loves to play soccer, video games, & watch movies/anime….Random Facts:

Favorite Anime/Character: Inuyasha/Sesshomaru Favorite Video Game Character: Master Chief
Favorite Food: Ribs Favorite RDC Skit (YouTube): Avatar The Last Hoodbender

How old is Dashie?

37 years (June 11, 1985)Dashie / Age

What is Duke Dennis’s real name?

Duke Dennis is a well-known Youtuber who is famous for his youtube channel where he published content based on the basketball simulation video game franchise NBA 2K19….Bio/Wiki.

Full Name Duke Dennis
Famous as NBA 2K Video Game from his Youtube channel
Profession YouTuber, VideoContent Creator
Nationality American