How old is Susan Reid?

How old is Susan Reid?

51 years (December 10, 1970)Susanna Reid / Age

Who does Susanna Reid work for?

Reid has three children from her marriage to sports journalist Dominic Cotton. The couple divorced in 2014 after 16 years of matrimony. In addition to her ongoing work on GMB, Reid has also presented a number of crime documentaries for ITV, and appeared on series including Celebrity Gogglebox and Hollyoaks.

Why is Susanna Reid not on GMB?

As the schools have broken up for half term, the mum-of-three is thought to be taking time away from the cameras to spend time with her three sons. Susanna usually takes a break from presenting during the school holidays, although this hasn’t been confirmed by ITV.

Is Laura Tobin still married?

Laura married hubby Dean, who she met at Reading University, in 2010. She has previously said that she liked that Dean wasn’t “intense” adding: “Our relationship just grew and after about six months we fell in love with each other.” The couple welcomed their first child together, Charlotte, in 2017.

How much is Piers Morgan worth 2019?

Piers Morgan Net Worth Growth Rate

Net Worth in 2022 $30 Million
Net Worth in 2021 $28 Million
Net Worth in 2020 $25 Million
Net Worth in 2019 $22 Million
Net Worth in 2018 $21 Million

Where is Susanna on Good Morning Britain?

Good Morning Britain fans will notice Susanna Reid, 51, is not in the studio presenting today (April 25, 2022) but is in Poland instead.

Is Laura Tobin a twin?

She has a twin brother called Mark. Tobin married Dean Brown on 13 August 2010, and gave birth to their first child, a daughter called Charlotte in July 2017.

How old is gmtv weather girl?

Laura Tobin was born October 10 1981. This means the British broadcaster is 40 years old. And, when GMB fans discovered her age, they really couldn’t believe it.

Do newscasters buy their own clothes?

Do anchors pick out their own clothing? Answer: They have general guidelines they must follow as far as style and color but do have the flexibility to wear their own clothing.