How strong is bahamut Cat?

How strong is bahamut Cat?

Raging Bahamut Cat deals massive damage, enough to shred most units with under 330 range (including Cameraman Cat and Sadako Cat), but has a long enough backswing to where a spam of Macho Cats, Crazed Macho Cats, Eraser Cats and Crazed Wall Cats can stall him quite effectively.

What does Valkyrie Cat evolve into?

Evolution. Evolves into True Valkyrie Cat at Level 10. Evolves into Holy Valkyrie Cat at level 20 after completing Into the Future Chapter 2.

What is the strongest battle Cat?

Bahamut Cat

Bahamut Cat
Health Attack Power Recharge Time
1,500 HP 5,000 damage (250 DPS) 160 ~ 151.2 seconds
Health (Lv.30) Attack Power (Lv.30) Special Ability
25,500 HP 85,000 damage (4,250 DPS)

What does nymph Cat evolved into?

Medalist Cat
Evolves into Medalist Cat at level 10.

Is bahamut Cat good?

Awakened Bahamut Cat is also very useful for dealing a lot of damage to long-ranged enemies with slow attack rates like Sunfish Jones. With proper timing, he can even enter the blind spot of Long Distance Enemies such as Mr. Mole and Henry; part of the main strategy for Learned to Love and False Resurrection.

What does AXE Cat evolved into?

Brave Cat
Evolves into Brave Cat at level 10.

What is the strongest enemy in battle Cats?

Mega Cat (Enemy)

How much damage does Level 40 awakened bahamut do?


Bahamut Cat
Health (Lv.30) Attack Power (Lv.30) Recharge Time
25,500 HP 93,500 damage (30,161.29 DPS) 106.67 ~ 97.87 seconds
Lv.MAX Special Ability
Lv.40 Multi-Hit (85,000 at 5f 0.17s, 3,400 at 10f 0.33s, 5,100 at 20f 0.67s)

What is the slowest Cat in Battle cats?

Freshman Cat Jobs
Apart from the Iron Wall Cat, Freshman Cat Jobs is the slowest Cat Unit in the game, tied with Mighty Kristul Muu and Li’l Clops Cat Egg.

Is cameraman Cat good?

Cameraman Cat is an extremely efficient DPS unit against Floating enemies. A big enough stack of them will reduce even the mighty Teacher Bun Bun and most of his variants to rubble.

What is the hardest battle cats level?

Legend Stages and the maps in which they appear are rated on a scale of difficulty ranging from 1★ (easiest) to 12★ (hardest).