How tall is Ema Skye?

How tall is Ema Skye?


Full Name Ema Skye
Hair Color Brown
Height 5’3″ [161 cm]
Family Lana Skye [Older Sister] Unnamed Parents [Deceased] Unnamed Foster Parent
Friends Phoenix Wright Miles Edgeworth Kay Faraday Apollo Justice Trucy Wright Maya Fey Athena Cykes

Who is EMA Phoenix Wright?

As a teenager, nine years before she became a detective, she was Phoenix Wright’s investigative partner and co-counsel in the murder of Bruce Goodman and also aided Miles Edgeworth in some of his cases.

Does Ema Skye return?

Detective career After nine years, Ema Skye returned to the U.S. to become a forensic scientist there and to meet Wright again.

How old is April May?

23 year old
April is the 23 year old secretary of Redd White, the CEO of Bluecorp. Bluecorp is an information-gathering corporation, who often use illegal methods to gather their information, they would then use this information to blackmail important people.

Is susato related to Maya?

SusaMaya is the family ship between Maya Fey and Susato Mikotoba from the Ace Attorney fandom.

Is Phoenix Wright in Apollo Justice?

Main characters. Clockwise from top: Klavier Gavin, Kristoph Gavin, Ema Skye, Apollo Justice, Trucy Wright, and Phoenix Wright. Apollo Justice is the protagonist of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney.

What is April Marie nationality?

April Marie (born in 1998, age: 23 years) is a model, social media personality, and reality TV star from America….April Marie Bio/Wiki (Birth Date, Modeling Agency & School)

Full Real Name April Marie Melohn
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mix-American
Net worth $350k USD
Age (as of 2022) 23 years old.

Did Ryuunosuke marry susato?

Ryuunosuke ends up marrying Susato some time during or after the series. She and Ryuunosuke both bear a resemblance to Wright and they both gesture with their pointer finger.

How did Kazuma and Ryunosuke meet?

Kazuma met Ryunosuke Naruhodo during Imperial Yumei University’s speech competition in the summer the year before the latter’s trial. Naruhodo gave a speech that, while shallow, wound up winning the audience over with ferocity and passion. That speech kindled a spirit of rivalry in Kazuma.

How old is April The Ultimatum?

Although April is only 23 years old, her desire to be a wife and mother is strong. According to Variety, she has always been in a long term relationship and has always had a deep need for a family that she can care for.