How tall is the totem pole in Monument Valley?

How tall is the totem pole in Monument Valley?

450 feet tall
The Totem Pole, a tall, thin sandstone spire, is one of the more recognizable formations along the Scenic Drive in Monument Valley. The Totem Pole is 450 feet tall, but (in places) only 40 feet wide.

Can you rock climb in Monument Valley?

Climbing is illegal in the Tribal Park, as well as hiking off the loop road. There are a few residential homes here and there in the Tribal Park, and locals try to sell various crafts to the tourists around the Tribal Park.

Can you climb the Totem Pole?

The Totem Pole offers excellent rock for a formation like this, but loose rock is present. Climbing conditions can vary dramatically, and the tide conditions are critical. Even in low tides on a calm day, the belayer should expect to be doused with sea water several times.

Did George Kennedy climb the Totem Pole?

THE EIGER SANCTION (1975) George Kennedy and Clint Eastwood (+ crew) were the last people legally allowed to climb The Totem Pole in Monument Valley. Another monstrous helicopter shot with John Williams score ends the scene… Has John Williams ever produced a bad score? I think not!!

How high is the Totem Pole?

The Totem Pole is a slender, 65-meter-tall sea-stack on the Tasman Peninsula, on the south coast of Tasmania. It was made world famous when, in 1998, Paul Pritchard, legendary British climber, suffered a traumatic head injury while rappelling into the sea stack.

What grade is the totem pole?

Interesting rock climbing area for routes from 7a to 7c (french grades). Many additional skills about progressing, belaying, escaping technics are necessary for multipitch routes security.

How high is the totem pole?

How did Clint Eastwood get to the top of totem pole?

Mike Hoover, the famous mountaineer who taught Eastwood how to climb for The Eiger Sanction, obtained special permission from Navajo Nation for the production to both climb and film at the Totem Pole as the nation had prohibited climbs to this significant formation.

Is Clint Eastwood a mountain climber?

Clint Eastwood went on a three-day climbing course in Yosemite National Park, then practiced at home for several months.

Can you climb the totem pole?