How to beging an article writing career

How to build a career, if you’re a copywriter

Are you tired of endless cheap orders on the copywriting exchange? Do you doubt that in this profession you can earn anything other than short-sightedness and an average office salary? This is in vain! A savvy person can always make a career in copywriting. The main thing is to decide on personal priorities, and use some mandatory steps.

3-4 hours of working hours routinely in workdays are required to you, 1-2 hours of time are day-to-day for training, a primary portfolio of a copywriter.


  1. For the beginning, we shall distribute working hours. From now on, you not only work above orders but also are engaged in the promotion as an expert. An hour of time every day, devote to dialogue at profile forums on your subject matter and mailing of offers. Writing about Forex? Welcome to the forum of financiers. About fitness? Welcome to the community leading a healthy lifestyle. Your account must ‘respond’ to your name or author’s nickname. No “Kis_222” and “Apollo_Belvedere”. Try to help people with real advice, and be sure to keep links to topics where you have shown yourself as an expert.
  2. Write a unique offer for the future ‘ expensive’ customers. These people do not spend time for viewing of one million accounts at your favourite cheap stock exchange of content. They work with professionals and appreciate the time. Let your offer contains the link on a portfolio, your expert answers at forums, and brief advantages of work on you. Do not forget to specify actual rates and speed of manufacturing of a content. Constantly dispatch the offer on all contacts of thematic sites available to you. Probably, someone also will remove the letter as spam. But often this is the way to find a good job.
  3. Try to move away from the industrial production of content. Give expert advice to reporters. Get an expert blog on your topic. Write, finally, for the ‘thick’ magazines. They usually welcome dynamic authors, of which there are very few in the scientific community.

Define, how many you should work ‘ on a stock exchange ‘ to pay under accounts, the rest of the time spend for the promotion of as the expert, mailing of offers, and formation. It is not mandatory to be recorded on paid rates. Read books on the speciality, not forgetting and about advertising with marketing, and you necessarily will pass from simple search copywriting, in the category well paid writing experts.

Pay attention

Career copywriter can extensively develop and intensively. Article writing jobs are becoming more and more important and significant for the copywriter. In the first version, you will have simply more orders, and it is more to earn. Probably, you can raise the prices for the services, however, ‘jump’ above a market ceiling to you it will not be possible.

Evaluate in advance how much you can earn this way to avoid disappointment. Intensive development is the promotion of yourself as a columnist, a specialist in a topic that people read, and not just a text producer for ‘search engines and people’. Columns of experts, as a rule, are significantly more expensive, and the process of writing them is much more creative than “copywriting with keywords”.

Helpful advice

Start a ‘free-standing’ blog with a domain name that allows you to personalize. This is a good investment for the future, and an opportunity to replenish your portfolio with texts that are more suitable for expert columns, and not for faceless one-day sites. At the same time, keep a small blog on a popular resource, communicate with other users, but take the time to do this work so that the Internet does not drag you away at all.

Earn on your experiences

Become an expert. As I have already said, create a personal blog, create groups in social networks and share with people useful content and information based on your experiences. When you are considered as an expert, you can get more interesting proposals, public recognition and earn more than others. The present expert always costs more.