How to get to Okayama from Tokyo?

How to get to Okayama from Tokyo?

Tokyo and Okayama are two major stations along the JR Tokaido/Sanyo Shinkansen. The one way trip costs around 17,000 yen and takes approximately 3.5 hours by Nozomi train or 4 hours by Hikari train. The trip is fully covered by the Japan Rail Pass if done by Hikari, but it is not covered if done by Nozomi.

How long from Okayama to Tokyo?

How far is it from Okayama to Tokyo (Station)? The distance between Okayama and Tokyo (Station) is 542 km. The road distance is 649.5 km.

Is Okayama near Tokyo?

The distance between Tokyo and Okayama is 542 km. The road distance is 650.8 km. How do I travel from Tokyo to Okayama without a car? The best way to get from Tokyo to Okayama without a car is to train which takes 3h 13m and costs ¥15000 – ¥21000.

What is Okayama known for?

Okayama Prefecture, known for its delicious fruit, is often called the land of sunshine and Momotaro, the “Peach Boy” is the local hero and symbol. Okayama City, the prefectural capital and largest city, is home to the imposing, black Okayama Castle and Okayama Korakuen, one of Japan’s three greatest landscape gardens.

What food is Okayama famous for?

12 Must-Try Okayama Foods from the Land of Momotaro

  • Okayama Barazushi (Scattered Sashimi over Rice)
  • Sawara(Spanish Mackerel)
  • Takomeshi(Steamed Octopus with Rice)
  • Hinase Kakioko(Oyster Okonomiyaki)
  • Mamakarizushi (Herring Sushi)
  • Okayama Demi-Katsudon (Pork Cutlet with Demi-glace Sauce)

What is momotaro food?

In Japan, Momotaro is said to originate from the Okayama prefecture where millet dumplings are made. During the folklore, few to no descriptions are given about the millet dumplings. Momotaro mentions once that the millet dumplings are the “best dumplings in Japan” but no further descriptions are given.

Is first class to Japan worth it?

Many travelers consider Japan Airlines’ first class cabin among the best in the world. Its open suites don’t have doors — and yet they feel exceptionally private. The seat is very spacious and feels as if it’s been designed to conform to the contours of your body.

How much is a first class seat on a Japanese bullet train?

The base fee for taking the shinkansen one-way is 9,870 yen and upgrading to Gran Class is an additional cost of 16,490 yen. This may seem like a lot, but considering a first class or even business class upgrade on an airplane can cost hundreds of thousands of yen, it isn’t too hefty of a price.