How to make free hand Rangoli?

How to make free hand Rangoli?

This freehand rangoli is made using grains and flowers. You can first mark the design with the white powder and fill them with the colourful grains and flowers. Different colours are used to suit the shades and make it look appealing. 5. Difficult Free Hand Rangoli Design:

What is a rangoli drawing?

Rangoli is a traditional art which has continuously evolved and has taken its present day’s form. Rangoli is an art associated with all festive occasions and special events. Rangoli drawing techniques also have evolved over time and vary from person to person. Here we present some freehand designs for you to try in 2019:

What are the best colours to use in a rangoli?

We love how this design is small enough to be done at any corner of the house or even at the entrance. The use of colours is also nice with green, red, yellow, violet and white being used to make this rangoli. 8.

Which is the easiest design by using freehand method?

Semi-circular design is one of the easiest design by using Freehand method. The semi-circular method usually is drawn during the festive season at the doorstep as a welcome note. The tradition of the welcoming guest is different in each country.

What does a rangoli design look like?

The spirals look like bright colored flowers. This Rangoli design is both simple and dashing. You can make this Rangoli design on various occasions. Bidaai is one of the most emotional parts of the life of a girl. It is every parents dream to get their daughter married off like a princess.

What is the Rangoli design of Lord Ganesha?

This design comes with a Swastika chart background on which Lord Ganesha can be seen in his Mother’s arms. This shows the love between a mother and son. It is lovely. You can make this pretty Rangoli design on Diwali, Ganesha Chaturthi and other events.