How wide is an eriba caravan?

How wide is an eriba caravan?

Eriba Touring Troll 820 is the largest Eriba Touring model and larger than any Eriba Nova or Feeling model. The overall length of the model is 848 cm, overall width – 236 cm, and models the body length is counting 708 with a height of 279.

Do eriba caravans hold their value?

The Freedom is a fairly basic caravan whereas the Eriba is an uplevel offering, very solid due to its metal frame construction and consequently not cheap, but it does hold its value very well because it’s virtually indestructible (40 and even 50 year old examples are still to be found on the road).

How high is an eriba caravan?

Hymer Eriba Touring Troll 530 is one of the largest of the Eriba Touring models. The overall length is 579 cm and the width is 210 cm. Overall height with the opened pop-top roof is 248 cm and with closed pop-top roof – 226 cm.

How long is an eriba pan?

Internal length: 4.71m (15′ 4”) Width: 2.0m (6′ 5″)

How much value do caravans lose?

How quickly will my caravan’s value depreciate? The average depreciation rate of a static caravan is similar to that of a car. This works out at about 15% per year, although this figure is so hugely over simplified that it is barely worth mentioning.

How long is an eriba familia?

This is one of the smallest caravans in the range….The ERIBA Touring Familia 320 is available in the following layout:

Overall Length approx. cm 483
Maximum headroom in living area (opened pop top roof) approx. cm 195
Unladen weight approx. kg 711
Mass in running order approx. kg 750
Maximum payload approx. kg 150 – 300

Do eriba caravans have hot water?

We do use a kettle for hot water when not on hookup (Gas), but if you are paying the extra for electricity its nice to have hot water on tap for food prep etc.