Is 10km a good distance?

Is 10km a good distance?

10km is a distance that needs to be respected but it’s also very achievable for most runners whilst still balancing a busy home and work life. It’s the perfect mix of speed, strength and endurance and your training should reflect this.

How long should you recover from a 10k?

If you weren’t racing your event, then taking fewer recovery days is fine. For example, if you were racing a 10k you should take 6 days’ recovery but if your run effort wasn’t all-out such as if you were running at marathon pace or moderately as a fun run then taking between 2 and 6 days is fine.

What happen if you run 10km everyday?

Running 10k a day has given me benefits of increased mood, increased fitness, increased sleep, and increased focus. I’ve also been more tired sometimes for obvious reasons, but it was just a sign I needed to sleep more and hydrate more to begin with.

Should you rest a day after 10k run?

Rest days are critical to improving your training. You have to give your body a chance to recover from the intense training you’re putting it through. Rest days will let your muscles recover and grow back stronger. Runners need to avoid overtraining, and the best way to do that is through proper rest and recovery.

What should I do the day after a 10K?

Active Recovery – The day after your 10k race try to get your body moving, go for a walk, swim, cycle or even a light jog. This will get you heart pumping increasing circulation around the body continuing to flush out any waste products (lactic acid).

Is it OK to run 10K every other day?

A Word From Verywell While rest days are important to prevent injury, running every day may have some health benefits. Staggering your running days with cross-training or complete rest days can be an effective way to enjoy the benefits of running while still giving your body the occasional break.

What does running 10K do to your body?

Running 10k at least twice a week can boost your immune system and help keep you free of bugs, unlike running a half marathon or marathon distance when you need to watch what you eat and be careful not to put too much strain on your body.?