Is 18 Again based on 17 again?

Is 18 Again based on 17 again?

18 Again (Korean: 18 어게인; RR: 18 Eogein) is a South Korean television series based on the 2009 film 17 Again by Jason Filardi. Starring Kim Ha-neul, Yoon Sang-hyun and Lee Do-hyun, it aired on JTBC from September 21 to November 10, 2020, every Monday and Tuesday at 21:35 (KST).

How do you use 18 Again?

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What is the story of 18 Again?

The drama follows 37 year old Hong Dae Young (Yoon Sang Hyun), who isn’t having much luck in life. He is looked down upon at work; is a bit estranged with his 18 year old fraternal twins; and is in the midst of a divorce, although he has no idea why his wife, Jung Da Jung (Kim Ha Neul), wants to divorce him.

Why is true beauty so popular?

What is unique and appealing about ‘True Beauty’ is that it was actually based on a Webtoon, a digital comic. Because people were already familiar with the popular ‘True Beauty’ Webtoon, the K-Drama drew in a larger audience because many people wanted to see if the show lived up to the Webtoon hype.

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Is True Beauty copied from webtoon?

True Beauty, a drama show originally a Webtoon, is continuing its high popularity. As a show about the coming of age of a high school student who is insecure about her looks, it got a lot of attention since its casting stage as it was based on Naver’s number one Webtoon.

How old is Seojun True Beauty?

He was born on January 19, 1991 in Seoul, South Korea which makes him a Capricorn.