Is 25 Arms Act bailable?

Is 25 Arms Act bailable?

2009. Learned counsel for the petitioner has canvassed that as per the scheme of Section 37 of Arms Act, 1959, the offence under Section 4/25 of Arms Act is bailable.

What is the punishment for Arms Act?

The Bill increases the punishment to between seven years and life imprisonment, along with a fine. The Act punishes acquisition, possession or carrying of prohibited ammunition without a license, with imprisonment between five and ten years, along with fine.

Is Arms Act bailable offence?

Arms Act provides for several offences which are punishable even for a period of 6 months. This punishment does clearly fall under entry third of the Part-II of second schedule of Cr. PC and is therefore bailable without any hesitation.

What is Section 35 of Arms Act?

—Where any arms or ammunition in respect of which any offence under this Act has been or is being committed are or is found in any premises, vehicle or other place in the joint occupation or under the joint control of several persons, each of such persons in respect of whom there is reason to believe that he was aware …

What is Section 54 of Arms Act?

(1) Every licence may, at its expiration and subject to the same condition (if any) as to the grant thereof, be renewed by the authority mentioned in Schedule II as renewing authority: 1[Provided that the licence so renewed may be signed in the appropriate column of the licence by such officer as may be specially …

How many sections are in the Arms Act?

six chapters
The act is divided into six chapters. Explains rules and regulations around acquisition, possession, manufacture, sale, import, export and transport of arms and ammunition in India.

What is the rule of Arms Act?

Provided that no person below the age of sixteen years shall be allowed to carry any firearm requiring a licence, in a public place, except in the immediate presence and supervision of the person who is lawfully entitled to carry such fire-arm.

What is Section 5 of Arms Act?

any firearms or any other arms of such class or description as may be prescribed or any ammunition unless he holds in this behalf a licence issued in accordance with the provisions of this Act and the rules made there under.

Does a knife under the arm act?

Advocate GR Mohan said, “Category V of the Arms Act includes arms including knives, daggers and swords. Any crime committed with weapons attracts the provisions of the specific crime. They did not attract the provisions of the Arms Act till the notification.

Which section of Arms Act is non bailable?

Which are prohibited arms?

Prohibited Bore weapons include pistols (9 mm) and handguns of caliber ….History of Arms Act:

  • Prior to the Indian First War Of Independence in 1857, there were few gun control laws in India.
  • The Indian Arms Act, 1878 was an act regulating the manufacture, sale, possession, and carrying of firearms.

Can we carry knife for self Defence?

Any kind of sharp and deadly blade is illegal to be carried in public places. but you can carry a kitchen knife sharp enough under 9″ length and 2″ breadth as arms act doesn’t prohibits carrying a sharp bladed object within aforesaid length and breadth.

Is Section 3 25 Arms Act bailable?

…, Nimbaheda, District Chittorgarh, for the offence under Section 3/25 of Arms Act. 2. Heard learned counsel for the petitioner and learned Public Prosecutor and also perused the m…is a contrary view also taken by this Court, the police treats the offence under Section 3/25 of Arms Act to be non-bailable.

Can we carry knife in car?

No, it is offence against public tranquility liable to be punished under IPC, as well as a person may be directed to execute a peace bond under CRPC.