Is a 737-800 winglet a max?

Is a 737-800 winglet a max?

On some 737-800 NG Variants you’ll see a little winglet going downwards from the ‘L’ shape. You can tell it’s not the Max, as the little winglet will look like an ‘addition’ almost as if it was an afterthought. Like it’s out of place, unlike on the 737 Max, where the whole winglet is one big shape.

Is Airbus A321 better than Boeing 737?

The 737-900ER has a standard 2-class passenger capacity of 177 seats and a range of 2950 nautical miles. Maximum takeoff weight is about 85.1t. In my opinion the A321 is better, with more range, a higher MTOW, more powerful engines and better passenger comfort with a wider cabin, meaning wider seats.

What is the wingspan of a 737-800 with winglets?

117 ft 5 in

737-700 737-800
Length 33.6 m (110 ft 4 in) 39.5 m (129 ft 6 in)
Wingspan 35.8 m (117 ft 5 in) 35.8 m (117 ft 5 in)
Height 12.5 m (41 ft 3 in) 12.5 m (41 ft 3 in)
Engine CFM-56 CFM-56

Is Boeing 737-800 winglets the same as Boeing 737 MAX 8?

The main differentiator between the 737-800 and its Next Generation sibling is the engine type that each one uses. While the 737-800 primarily uses the CFM56, the Max family of aircraft are powered by the CFM LEAP 1B aircraft.

How much does a 737 winglet cost?

Winglets cost anywhere from $500,000 for a 737 to more than $2 million for bigger planes. But the payoff can be rapid. Southwest Airlines estimates that it saves 54 million gallons of fuel every year thanks to equipping 93 percent of its fleet of 737s with winglets.

Is the Airbus A321 a safe plane?

For the Airbus A321, 32 aviation accidents and incidents have occurred, including 6 hull-loss accidents or criminal occurrences with a total of 377 fatalities as of August 2019.

What are enhanced winglets?

Improved wing efficiency translates to more payload, reduced fuel consumption, and a longer cruising range that can allow an air carrier to expand routes and destinations. To produce as much forward thrust as possible, the winglet’s airfoil is designed with the same attention as the airfoil of the wings themselves.

Which winglet is best?

The shark fin-alike winglet was overall the most efficient design, followed shortly by the famous blended design found in many mid-sized airliners. The worst performing designs were surprisingly the fenced and spiroid designs, which had efficiencies on par with the wing without winglet.

Is Boeing 737 800 winglets the same as Boeing 737 MAX 8?

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