Is a flash mob a performance?

Is a flash mob a performance?

Flash mobs began as a form of performance art. While they started as an apolitical act, flash mobs may share superficial similarities to political demonstrations. In the 1960s, groups such as the Yippies used street theatre to expose the public to political issues.

What is the point of a flash mob?

The essence of a flash mob is a large group of people suddenly assembling in a public place to perform an unusual act for a brief period of time before dispersing quickly as if nothing had happened. Some flash mobs are meant to entertain, while others are purely for artistic expression.

What is the term flash mob mean?

Definition of flash mob : a group of people summoned (as by email or text message) to a designated location at a specified time to perform an indicated action before dispersing.

Is a flash mob real?

Flash Mobs are an internet phenomenon of the 21st century. Although Flash Mobs don’t happen online, they are organized using social media, viral emails, or websites in general. Consequently, the first ‘official’ gathering of this nature was attempted in Manhatten in May 2003, the early days of social media.

What is the biggest flash mob ever?

Michael Jackson Official Site Every year, flash mobs all over the world dress up as zombies and dance to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”– there’s even a Guinness World Record set by a crowd in Mexico for the largest flash mob with over 13,000 participants!

How long is a flash mob?

Keep it short. You will surprise people with your flash mob. But it shouldn’t go on too long because people might get sloppy or forget their parts. The best length for performance is about one minute, so if you want to do more than that, do the same routine twice in a row.

How much is a flashmob?

How Much Does a Flash Mob Cost? Want a flash mob for your next event but you’re wondering how much does a flash mob cost? Well, the cost to do a flash mob can run anywhere between $950.00- $2,750.00 per event.