Is a white blood cell count of 10.2 high?

Is a white blood cell count of 10.2 high?

The normal white blood cell count in a healthy adult is between 4,000 and 11,000 WBCs per microliter (μl or mcL) or cubic millimeter (mm3) of blood, though this may differ between males and females, and healthy children and young people usually have more.

Is 10.5 white blood cell count normal?

• White blood cell (WBC) count The normal range for WBC is 5 to 10 K/uL. Your CBC will also measure what’s called the ANC (absolute neutrophil count) That’s the specific number of white blood cells in your blood that fight infection.

Is WBC count 11.2 High?

The normal range for your WBC is usually 4,500 to 11,000 cells per microliter. Your WBC is generally considered high if it is greater than 11,000 cells per microliter.

Is 10.8 WBC high?

The normal range for the white blood cell count varies between laboratories but is usually between 4,300 and 10,800 cells per cubic millimeter of blood. This can also be referred to as the leukocyte count and can be expressed in international units as 4.3 – 10.8 x 109 cells per liter.

Is 10.0 a high white blood cell count?

The specific number for high (above normal) white blood cell count varies from one lab testing facility to another, but a general rule of thumb is that a count of more than 10,500 leukocytes in a microliter of blood in adults is generally considered to be high, while 4,500-10,500 is considered within the normal range.

Is 12.5 a high WBC count?

Is WBC 10.8 normal?

Normal Results The normal number of WBCs in the blood is 4,500 to 11,000 WBCs per microliter (4.5 to 11.0 × 109/L).

Why WBC are high?

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What does it mean when you have a high WBC?

Types. White blood cells are components of the blood that protect the body against disease and foreign invaders.

  • Causes. An increase in white blood cells is known as leukocytosis.
  • Other imbalances. A doctor may use a blood test to determine levels of white blood cells.
  • Symptoms and diagnosis.
  • Summary.
  • What does high WBC and high platelet count mean?

    The most common causes are Infection or inflammation. In all ages of children and adults, the most common cause of an elevated platelet count and high white cell count is the infection somewhere in the body. The type of white blood cell that elevated in these results is the lymphocyte cells.

    What is WBC in blood work high?

    However, for adults, typically any value above around 11,000 white blood cells per microlitre of blood is considered an elevated white blood cell count. High white blood cell count causes Causes of an elevated white blood cell count include infection, abnormalities in the bone marrow, smoking, chronic lung disease, immune disorders, inflammatory or allergic reactions or even physical and emotional stress.