Is Abathur a Zerg?

Is Abathur a Zerg?

Abathur is a unique zerg creature, created from numerous zerg species. He is the zerg evolution master, serving as the Swarm’s DNA library, and resides in the evolution pit.

What does Abathur mean?

Abatur (Classical Mandaic: ࡀࡁࡀࡕࡅࡓ, sometimes called Abathur; Yawar, Classical Mandaic: ࡉࡀࡅࡀࡓ; and the Ancient of Days) is an Uthra and the second of three subservient emanations created by the Mandaean God Hayyi Rabbi (Classical Mandaic: ࡄࡉࡉࡀ ࡓࡁࡉࡀ, “The Great Living God”) in the Mandaean religion.

How strong is Abathur?

Abathur has perfected the clone, granting it 20% Spell Power, 20% bonus Attack Damage, and 10% bonus Movement Speed. Cannot use their Heroic Ability. Turn an allied Minion or Locust into a Monstrosity. When enemy Minions near the Monstrosity die, it gains 2% Health and 2% Basic Attack damage, stacking up to 40 times.

What is Izsha?

Izsha is literally a living record of the experiences of the Queen of Blades, destroyer of worlds – of what use can she be to Sarah Kerrigan? Character description. Izsha is a zerg advisor in service to Sarah Kerrigan. She is a unique type of zerg, one of a kind.

How are protoss born?

The way it would seem to be portraid is that protoss are born into the khala by that of their nerve cords and that the nerazim, in order to sever themselves from the khala, have the practice of ritualistically severing their nerve cords.

Is artanis a zealot?

He’s never appeared as a zealot or any other sort of melee warrior. So why in the world would they make Artanis an SC fighter, when Fenix, one of the coolest characters in the game imo, is clearly the better choice.

Can a Protoss reproduce?

Their reproduction is likely something similar to Templars forming an Archon, where two (possibly more), Protoss interact with each other spiritually in a ritual to form a new spirit and a body.