Is abet the same as matric?

Is abet the same as matric?

No, the GETC: ABET level 4 is not equivalent to matric. It is on the same level as grade 9, which is the NQF level 1. A matric certificate is equivalent to NQF level 4.

Can you do matric online in South Africa?

ABET Level 4 is at NQF Level 1. Once you have completed your ABET Level 4 Qualification, you can apply for our online Adult Matric Course….Take Ownership Of Your Studies.

Online Adult Matric Traditional Matric
You have to be 21 or older to apply. You have to be younger than 21 to apply.

Is adult matric the same as matric?

Whilst Traditional Matric (school matric) must be completed during High School with examinations written within the institution itself, Adult Matric can be completed via Distance Learning. This means that you can complete these studies from home and only write your exams at a DHET exam venue.

What qualifications can I get without a matric?

Below are the top courses you can do without matric:

  • Child Day Care Courses.
  • Creche Management Courses.
  • Educare and Child Care Courses.
  • Accounting, Bookkeeping and Finance Courses.
  • Adult Matric.
  • Beauty Courses.
  • Management Course.
  • Computer.

Can I get matric certificate at ABET?

No, ABET Level 4 is not a Matric Certificate. ABET stands for Adult Basic Education and Training and it is the first step you can take to get your Matric as an adult.

How long does it take to finish adult matric?

For example, you can complete the Adult Matric course in 1 year to 3 years depending on how fast you work through the coursework. Our example of synchronous distance learning is the online exam preparation we offer. This type of learning is when there are interactions between lecturers/tutors and students.

Can adult matric be online?

You need to remember that your Adult Matric exam registration can be done online, but the exams are written in-person at dedicated examination centres in your area.

How long does a adult matric take?

12 to 36 months
Adult Matric Course General Information

Course Name Senior Certificate (Amended)
Programme Type National Qualification
Award Type Senior Certificate (Amended)
Issued and Accredited By Umalusi
Course Duration 12 to 36 months (recommend)

What is ABET level for matric?

ABET Level 4 is at NQF Level 1 and Matric is at NQF Level 4.

Can I do my matric through UNISA?

Unfortunately, Unisa is not one of the places where you can get Matric. Unisa only offers higher education courses that already require you to have your National Senior Certificate (NSC). There are however many other routes that can be taken to get your NSC outside of high school, like distance learning institutions.

Where can I complete my matric for free?

Anyone in South Africa who is 21 years of age and older can obtain a South African adult matric completely free of charge through the Department of Basic Education (DBE). They can study on their own, or enrol in an Adult Matric course at an adult learning centre (ABET).

Can I study matric at home?

Yes, at Matric College, our Adult Matric Course is offered via distance learning which uses online tools to help you complete your Senior Certificate (Amended).

Where can I study matric for free?

How do adults register for matric?

Adults who are interested in doing their matric may register at any provincial education office, which includes the provincial head office, the district office or a circuit office. Candidates can also register online via their website .