Is AFMC Counselling?

Is AFMC Counselling?

Please note that the counselling of AFMC MBBS was done in the following stages – NEET UG exam, shortlisting of the candidates, screening round including the Logic and Reasoning (ToELR), Psychological Assessment Test (PAT), Interview and Medical Exam.

Can I do Md after MBBS in AFMC?

Placements: After MBBS, you have a 1-year internship, and then, if you get PC, you have to serve forces for 4-years, and can do MD. Top rankers are allowed to chose tier force, and if you get SSC, you have to serve for 7 years and then can leave the force and can do MD.

Is AFMC a good college?

It has good infrastructure, great teachers, and a beautiful campus. Graduates get a chance to serve in the Indian armed forces as doctors. Life at AFMC is simply awesome! Moreover, it’s also one of the top ranked medical colleges in India.

Are civilians allowed in AFMC?

It has two auditoria named Dhanvantri and Bharadwaj where high-profile medical conferences are held. AFMC also works as a hospital for civilians and is collaborated with the command hospital (SC).

What is the salary of AFMC student?

Employees who graduate from Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC) earn an average of ₹27lakhs, mostly ranging from ₹10lakhs per year to ₹50lakhs per year based on 111 profiles.

Is AFMC better than Jipmer?

Now among JIPMER, BHU and AFMC choose AFMC if you want to serve for the army. But if you want to complete your PG just after MBBS and have problem with the bond of AFMC then don’t go for that choose JIPMER. JIPMER being a central government college has well established infrastructure and Departments.

Is there uniform in army medical college?

Only cadets of Army Brat and Medical Cadet Course wear the Khaki uniform in AMC and CMH. But on Friday, the whole college wears the Khaki uniform whether they are bonded cadets or civilian NUMS students.

Is Mobile allowed in AFMC?

Yes, mobile phones are allowed.