Is Bansal Classes good for IIT JEE?

Is Bansal Classes good for IIT JEE?

Bansal classes Kota was the first institute to gain fame across India for IIT JEE coaching. Although there is a long history of ups and downs, it still stands to be an esteemed institution for IIT-JEE, having produced rankers every year since late 1990’s.

Is Bansal better than Allen?

Undoubtedly in comparison between allen and Bansal, Allen IIT coaching institute is no better than in comparison to the Bansal online it classes for the stuff but if you ask best online IIT JEE coaching institute and at this point of the time in complete India best online IIT JEE coaching toppers Academy.

Who is Bansal in Kota?

Bansal died on 3 May 2021, from a heart attack. He also tested positive for COVID-19 during the COVID-19 pandemic in India which worsened his pre-existing conditions. According to his son Sameer Bansal, Managing Director of Bansal Classes, VK Bansal was the architect of the coaching industry in Kota.

How many students are in Bansal Kota?

About Bansal Classes, Kota

JEE Main 1850 Students
JEE Advanced 643 Students

Who is Agarwal Sir in Kota?

Kota Factory (TV Series 2019–2021) – Vivek Savarikar as Aggarwal Sir – IMDb.

Why do Bansal classes fail Quora?

The key reason for fall of Bansal classes is rise of ‘Allen Career Institute’. It is said that all famous teachers moved from Bansal to Allen and gradually students and parents also did the same.

Is VK Bansal alive?

May 3, 2021Vinod Kumar Bansal / Date of death

Why do Bansal Classes fail Quora?

Who is Agrawal Sir in Kota factory?

Is Jeetu Bhaiya a real teacher?

‘Jeetu Bhaiya’ inspired by Jitendra Kumar’s own life Do you know that our very own Jeetu Bhaiya from the Kota factory gave tuitions in real life? He was actually a Physics teacher first and then started a career in acting later.

Was NV sir In Bansal classes?

Jeetu bhaiya is NV sir for motion and Maheshwari classes is Bansal classes. And, Jeetu bhaiya even admitted that he took inspiration from N.V. Sir while preparing for the role.