Is Bill Turnbull married?

Is Bill Turnbull married?

Sarah McCombieBill Turnbull / Spouse (m. 1988)

How is Bill Turnbull’s health now?

The 65-year-old recently reunited with his former BBC Breakfast co-star Susanna Reid on Good Morning Britain, filling in after Piers Morgan quit the show. He has continued to work while undergoing rounds of chemotherapy and treatment with radioactive substance Radium 223.

How tall is Bill Turnbull?

5′ 8″Bill Turnbull / Height

How old is Bill Turnbull?

66 years (January 25, 1956)Bill Turnbull / Age

Why did Bill Turnbull leave the BBC?

Bill Turnbull: Classic FM presenter steps back from radio show for health reasons. Classic FM presenter Bill Turnbull has announced “with great regret” that he is to take a leave of absence from his radio show for “health reasons”. The former BBC Breakfast host was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2017.

What age is Sian Williams?

57 years (November 28, 1964)Sian Williams / Age

Is Bill Turnbull still working?

Where is George Alagiah?

He lives in Stoke Newington, North London. On 17 April 2014, it was announced that Alagiah was being treated for colorectal cancer.

Why is Bill Turnbull not on Classic FM?

The news comes after Bill took the decision to step down from his role on Classic FM for “health reasons”. He has been battling with prostate cancer since he was diagnosed in November 2017.

Is Bill Turnbull leaving Classic FM?

Bill Turnbull has announced he is leaving his show on Classic FM for health reasons as he continues to live with terminal prostate cancer.

Who is replacing Bill Turnbull on Classic FM?

Charlotte Hawkins
Charlotte Hawkins replaces Bill Turnbull on Classic FM slot amid Bill’s cancer battle.

What has happened to Sian Williams?

After three-and-a-half decades in broadcast journalism, Williams is following other passions and leaving live news behind. She will continue to present her weekly mental health segment for Channel 5 News, but will be succeeded by Dan Walker as the bulletin’s main anchor.

Who is George Alagiah’s wife?

Frances RobathanGeorge Alagiah / Wife (m. 1984)
Personal life. He is married to Frances Robathan, whom he met at Durham University. The couple have two children, Adam and Matthew.