Is BM 800 a good mic for recording?

Is BM 800 a good mic for recording?

The BM 800 Condenser Microphone is one of the best budget microphone out in the market. It looks and feels premium even on a low price tag, It also records audio pretty well too! This is suitable for an aspiring YouTuber like me who wants to step up their video production’s audio quality.

Does the BM 800 need phantom power?

the BM800 is an electret condenser mic. The element in an electret mic carries a permanent electrical charge sealed within an insulating film. It does not require external phantom power. The 48v box you bought is not applicable to this mic.

Is BM800 a condenser?

The BM800 is a complete solution for your home studio setup. It is a condenser microphone that picks up the sound without any noise to eliminate background sounds with a wide range. The BM800 microphone has a flat frequency response between 20Hz and 20KHz.

What is the phantom power for BM 800 for?

Microphone— The Floureon BM-800 condenser microphone only works with device that could provide enough power with 48V phantom power adapter. If the power is not enough while being used with amplifier or mixer, the sound volume might be recorded very low. If better sound prefered, the sound card will be needed.

How much is a BM-800?

$41.99 & FREE Shipping.

Which company makes BM 800?

Technical Details

Manufacturer ‎StudioStar
Country of Origin ‎China
Imported By ‎Amazing Tweaks
Item Weight ‎200 g

How much is bm800 in Philippines?

BM 800 Condenser Recording Microphone Prices and Specs in Philippines | 06/2022 | For As low As 250.00.

Why does my condenser mic sound far away?

This is a pretty common mistake, especially if you’re using a new microphone. Every mic has a different optimal distance, so what worked with your last setup might not work for this one. The fix for singing too far away is fairly simple: move closer to the microphone!

How do I boost my condenser microphone?

Use a preamp You can use a preamp with a short run of cable. This will help increase the volume output of your condenser microphone and make it sound louder. You can try the above to get a louder volume from your condenser microphone. For most people, getting a phantom power may be just the solution.