Is Bob Andy still alive?

Is Bob Andy still alive?

March 27, 2020Bob Andy / Date of death

What is Bob Andy real name?

Keith AndersonBob Andy / Full name

Bob Andy was the stage name of Keith Anderson who was born in Kingston, Jamaica, and endured a childhood of extreme deprivation.

When was Bob Andy born?

October 28, 1944Bob Andy / Date of birth

Where was Bob Andy born?

JamaicaBob Andy / Place of birth

What happened to Bob and Marcia?

They discontinued their partnership in the mid-1970s, both feeling that it was not bringing them adequate financial reward.

Are Horace Andy and Bob Andy related?

Dodd decided Hinds should record as Horace Andy, partly to capitalise on the popularity of Bob Andy, and partly to avoid comparisons with his cousin, Justin Hinds, with whom his singing style at the time showed a resemblance. “Got To Be Sure”, the song he had auditioned with, became his first release for Studio One.

Did Bob Andy have children?

He is survived by Godfrey, his son from a relationship with Virginia Wellington, Bianca, his daughter with Jessica Jones, two grandchildren, Godfrey Jr and Tiffany, and two great-grandchildren, Noel and Jayda.

Was Bob Andy married to Marcia Griffiths?

These included the UK hits “Young, Gifted and Black” and “Pied Piper” in 1978, Andy put his music career on hold and concentrated on his career as an actor, starring in the films, Children of Babylon in 1980, and The Mighty Quinn (1989). BOB ANDY with wife and legendary singer MARCIA GRIFFITH…

How old is Horace Andy?

71 years (February 19, 1951)Horace Andy / Age

Where is Horace Andy from?

Kingston, JamaicaHorace Andy / Place of birth

Where is Marcia Griffith from?

Kingston, JamaicaMarcia Griffiths / Place of birth

Are Bob Andy and Horace Andy related?

Is Marcia Griffiths related to Bob Marley?

Article content. Griffiths, the woman whom Bob Marley loved like a sister, has been working in the showbiz trenches for 50 years. Now 63, she was signed to reggae legend Coxsone Dodd’s Studio One label when she was just 14, after being spotted performing onstage with Byron Lee and the Dragonaires.