Is Bosch Nyon worth?

Is Bosch Nyon worth?

It’s a reasonably expensive upgrade, so it’s not going to be for everyone, but if you’re using your bike for longer rides where range is an issue, or you’re navigating to places you don’t know, or you just like to have plenty of data to hand, then it’s definitely a useful upgrade over the standard displays, and a much …

Which is the best Bosch eBike display?

The Bosch Nyon display sets the standard here, closely followed by the Garmin Edge 1030 Plus. If you’re using your smartphone as a navigation device, the display obviously depends on the phone you’re using. The display of the 2021 Bosch Nyon outshines the competition in the truest sense of the word.

Can I upgrade my Bosch eBike display?

You should plan to have the display changed at a certified Bosch dealer. For most changes, it requires redoing the wiring from the display to the drive unit, rearranging many of the other controls on the handlebar, and completing a firmware update through the Bosch dealer software.

Can I upgrade my Bosch eBike battery?

For eBikers who prefer to be on the route longer and have no time to invest in charging the PowerPack during the ride, the perfect solution is an additional battery. Convert from PowerPack 400 to PowerPack 500, or become completely independent of charging times by purchasing an additional battery.

How do you charge a Bosch Nyon?

To do this, open the protective cap. Connect the USB socket of the on-board computer with a standard USB charger (not included as standard) or the USB port of a computer (with a 5 V charging voltage and max. 500 mA charging current) using a micro-USB charger cable.

Can I connect KIOX to strava?

Free Kiox update Users can plan their trip on the app or on a computer using the online portal, then navigate using the Kiox display. The system is also compatible with Komoot or Outdooractive to expand navigation possibilities. There’s currently no connectivity with Strava.

Can you put a throttle on a Bosch eBike?

Bosch powered bikes don’t offer throttle. You’ll need to look at other bikes powered by different systems.

Does Bosch make an E bike conversion kit?

Bosch eBike Systems has set the standard for drive units, batteries and displays right from the start. Both new and older eBikes can be upgraded with a variety of accessories and retrofitting options. Get the best out of your eBike ePowered by Bosch.

How do you charge a Bosch ebike display?

What is Bosch KIOX?

Kiox: The sportily compact on-board computer for eBikes – Bosch eBike Systems.

How do I sync my Bosch eBike to Strava?

– Go to “Settings” in the eBike Flow app, open “Connected services” and select “Strava”. – Tap “Connect with Strava” on the next screen. – Login with your Strava credentials. – Accept the “Upload your activities from eBike Flow app to Strava” permission for account authorisation.

How long will a Bosch ebike motor last?

In fact, Bosch themselves state that the battery should be good for around 10 years or 1500 full charge cycles. After 1500 cycles the battery will still work, but any battery will age over time so it will start to lose capacity and therefore not power your electric bike as far.

How do you Derestrict a Bosch electric bike?

Simply press the ‘Walk’ button on your handlebar control and 6.2km/h will appear, meaning the tuning chip is active and the 25km/h restriction is removed. To turn the chip off, you simply press ‘Walk’ again and 1.6km/h will appear.

What is Nyon by Bosch?

The perfect combination: Nyon is part of a smart connected system and connects you with the connected eBike world of Bosch by means of the smartphone app and the online portal.

Is the Nyon retrofit kit compatible with my Bosch drive system?

The Nyon retrofit kit is compatible with all Bosch drive systems (except Classic +). The Nyon on-board computer is a versatile, connected system for your eBike and combines navigation, eBike control and fitness training.

How do I equip MY Bosch ebike with Nyon?

All eBikers of the Active and Performance Line who previously used the on-board computer Intuvia can now equip their Bosch eBike with Nyon: They just need to purchase the retrofit kit from a nearby dealer and have it installed conveniently on site!

What makes Nyon so special?

Even more comfortable: The Touch function makes Nyon even more intuitive and a separate control unit can be used while riding. Beautiful design, both inside and out: The 3.2-inch, high-resolution colour display combines smart functions with elegant design and has been awarded the Red Dot Design Award.