Is Code 3370 a part?

Is Code 3370 a part?

IS 3370 is an Indian Standard code that details the standards for concrete structure for storage of liquids.

How many part of is 3370?

All four parts of IS 3370 are revised. A new part to deal with construction practices, quality management and maintenance is required. Part 3 for prestressed LRC, is revised specifying limit state design, working stress design deleted and it is in line with IS 1343.

Is 3370 a minimum reinforcement?

If D= 2000 mm then the minimum reinforcement required according to the cl 8.1 of 3370-2009 would be 875 mm2.

Is 3370 a limit state?

Working Stress method incorporated limited cracking width in the liquid retaining structure and hence was the main reason why the Indian Standard IS: 3370 (1965) did not adopt the limit state design method.

Is code for design of overhead water tank?

The codes that are used for water tank design is IS: 3370.

Is code for underground water tank?

The design of underground water tank is carried out as per IS 3370 part 1 and part 2 code. The design is by assuming no water table and uncracked design. Below here are the various Design constants and codal provision for the Structural design of tank as per IS 3370 code.

Is RCC a code?

Design of R.C.C beam as per Indian Standard code IS:456:2000.

Is code for design of water tank?

Is code for ductile detailing?

IS : 13920-1993
 The code IS : 13920-1993 entitled “Ductile Detailing of Reinforced Concrete Structures Subjected to Seismic Forces- Code of Practice” is based on this approach.  This standard covers the requirements for anchorage, specially bar cut-offs and joint details.

Is code for RCC water tank?

Is code 875 a book?

This Code provides information on wind effects for buildings and structures, and their components. Structures such as chimneys, cooling towers, transmission line towers and bridges are outside the scope of this Code. There are Indian Standards dealing with chimneys and cooling towers separately.

Is code for Intze tank?

IS: 3370
Intze type tank is commonly used overhead water tank in India. These tanks are designed as per IS: 3370 i.e. Code of practice for concrete structures for storage of liquids.

Is 3370 1965 Code for concrete structures for the storage of liquids?

As per the provisions of the code IS: 3370 – 1965 CODE OF PRACTICE FOR CONCRETE STRUCTURE FOR THE STORAGE OF LIQUIDS, the designing of water tanks was permitted by working stress method only and on the philosophy of on cracking. This code has been revised in 2009.

Is code book for water tank?

The codes that are used for water tank design is IS: 3370. The different parts of the code is mentioned along with the respective sections dealt.

Is code for RCC water tank design?

Is 456 the 4th Amendment?

Amendment No. 4 to. IS 456 : 2000 (Page 24, clause 2) – Substitute the fonowing for the existing para: ‘For large and medium project sites, the concrete shall be sourced from ready~mixed concrete plants or from captive on-site or off-site automatic batching and mixing plants.

Is code for water storage tank?

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HSN Code Product Description
730900 Reservoirs tanks vats and similar containers for any material (other than compressed or liquefied gas) of iron or steel of a capacity exceeding 300 l whether or not lined or heat- insulated but not fitted with mechanical or thermal equipment:
73090090 Other

Is 13920 ductile detailing PPT?

2.  The basic approach of earthquake resistant design should be based on lateral strength as well as deformability and ductility capacity of structure with limited damage but no collapse.

What is ISC 3370 (Part I)?


What are the provisions of is 3370 (Pan1) 2009?

II IS 3370(Pan1) : 2009 11 CONSTRUCTION 11.1 Unless otherwise specified inthi~standard. the provisions or IS456and IS134~shallapply to the construction of reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete liquid retaining structures, respectively. 11.2 Joints Joints shall be constructed in accordance with requirements of10. 11.3 Construction01Floon

What does is 3370-1 stand for?

Title IS 3370-1 (2009): Code of practice Concrete structures for the storage of liquids, Part 1: General requirements Author Bureau of Indian Standards Subject Published Under the Right to Information Act Created Date

How do you clean the outside of a 3370 joint?

It is recommendedtocleanoutlaitarlCe and cement slurry by using wire brush on the $Ufface ofjoint immediately after initial setting of concrete and to clean out the same immediately thereafter. The IS 3370 (P.rt I) : 2009 prepared surface should beIna clean saturated surface dry condition when fresh concretei~placed. against it.