Is Cowboy Mouth country?

Is Cowboy Mouth country?

Cowboy Mouth is an American band based in New Orleans, Louisiana known for fusing alternative rock with album-oriented rock, roots rock, and jam band influences.

Where is Cowboy Mouth from?

New Orleans, LACowboy Mouth / Origin

Who is the lead singer of Cowboy Mouth?

Fred LeBlancCowboy Mouth / Lead singerFred LeBlanc is the lead singer/drummer for the New Orleans-based rock band Cowboy Mouth, and a freelance songwriter, record producer, short story author, and acoustic performer. Wikipedia

What is cowboy mouth about?

The play is about Slim and Cavale, two aspiring rock stars living in sin together. Cavale kidnapped Slim at gunpoint and held him captive in her motel room for an unspecified amount of time; the two have fallen in love despite that he has a wife and child in Brooklyn.

Why Did Better Than Ezra break up?

Longtime drummer Travis McNabb left Better Than Ezra in February 2009 and their last performance together was Family Gras in Metairie, Louisiana. The primary reason given for his departure was the demand on his time by country and bluegrass group, Sugarland, with whom McNabb had previously been touring for some time.

How did they come up with the name Better Than Ezra?

Needing a name to register they simply said that they were better. Fans of the group often refer to themselves as Ezralites. Better Than Ezra circulated a demo cassette tape later in 1988, the Chime Street Demo. While not an official release, this demo is sought-after by the band’s fans, and traded by collectors.

How Better Than Ezra got their name?

He said about the name Ezra (not the band), “It’s an Old Testament name and the Irish poet’s (Ezra Pound) name.” While her husband may have been mostly motivated by the the Irish poet, this writer was definitely swayed to name her son Ezra because she was a fan of the band.

Why is Better Than Ezra called Better Than Ezra?