Is De Beers the only seller in the market for diamonds?

Is De Beers the only seller in the market for diamonds?

Today, De Beers no longer has control of the diamond industry, and for the first time in a century, market supply and demand dynamics, not the De Beers monopoly, drives diamond prices. In the late 19th century a massive diamond discovery in South Africa prompted a diamond rush.

How much is the De Beers diamond worth?

The De Beers Blue, the largest vivid blue diamond ever to appear at auction, fetched more than $57.4 million and approximately $3.8 million per carat, making it one of the highest prices ever achieved for a diamond at auction.

Does De Beers use blood diamonds?

Since 2000, some independent diamond dealers have not only claimed to sell diamond bunches that they bought from rebel groups to De Beers, but also that De Beers was aware of the origin of the diamonds. Currently on their website, De Beers boasts that 100% of their diamonds are conflict free.

How much does a 39 carat diamond cost?

The “exceptional” stone went for about $1 million per carat and is the second natural color rough diamond purchased by the two companies. De Beers and manufacturer Diacore paid $40.2 million for this 39.34-carat blue diamond.

How many mines does De Beers own?

It operates in 35 countries and mining takes place in Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Canada and Australia….De Beers.

Services Diamond mining and marketing
Revenue US$6.08 billion (2018)
Owners Anglo American plc (100%)
Number of employees c. 20,000

Is De Beers an ethical company?

Our stringent sourcing procedures, selection processes and certification requirements mean that the diamonds in every piece of De Beers jewellery are guaranteed to be ethically produced and 100 per cent conflict-free.