Is Genesis Energy NZ owned?

Is Genesis Energy NZ owned?

Who owns Genesis? Genesis is publicly listed on the NZX and ASX markets with a 51% cornerstone shareholding by the New Zealand Government.

Who is Genesis Energy owned by?

The New Zealand Government owns a 51% share of the company. Genesis Energy is the largest electricity and natural gas retailer in New Zealand, with 26% and 39% market share respectively in the 2015–2016 financial year.

How do you get free power on Genesis?

Power Shout is our way of saying thanks for being a Genesis customer….To be eligible for a Power Shout offer you must meet the eligibility criteria:

  1. Be an existing Genesis residential electricity customer at the offer date.
  2. Have a communicating smart meter installed at your property.
  3. Be registered for Energy IQ.

How do I contact Genesis Energy?


  1. Residential Customers: 0800 300 400.
  2. Business Customers: 0800 600 900.
  3. Find out more >

Who is the biggest power company in NZ?

Generation companies

Company Capacity MW Revenue
Genesis Energy 1,942 2,098m
Meridian Energy 2,654 2,904m
Mercury Energy 1,556 1,678m
Trustpower 593 993m

Where does Genesis Energy originate?

It has been owned and operated by Genesis since June 2011. The scheme has a generation capacity of 190MW and uses water from the glacial-fed Lake Tekapo/Takapō to generate electricity through two power stations – Tekapo A and Tekapo B.

What does Genesis Energy provide?

Genesis Energy is a diversified New Zealand energy company. It sells electricity, reticulated natural gas and LPG through its retail brands of Genesis Energy and Energy Online. It is New Zealand’s largest energy retailer with around 500,000 customers.

Who is the cheapest power company in NZ?

When it comes to the cheapest power company in NZ, then Electric Kiwi, Nova Energy, Flick Electric, Mercury Energy, and Energy Club NZ makes the top of the list.

Does Genesis still do Flybuys?

Genesis Energy remains a Fly Buys partner; You don’t move to a buying group or embedded network, or become a pre-paid customer; and. In the case of Multipliers and bonus points related to dual fuel, while you remain a dual fuel customer.

How do I contact Energy online?

If you’re after some customer support you can phone our call centre toll free on 0800 80 9000 or email [email protected].

How do I contact Contact Energy?

If you need to call us

  1. Existing customers: 0800 224 424.
  2. Residential sign ups: 0800 494 847.
  3. Business existing customers: 0800 006 700.
  4. Business sign ups: 0800 006 330.
  5. Emergency telephone: (04) 528 1800.
  6. Overseas callers: +64 4 528 1800.
  7. Call centre hours:

Which power company is best NZ?

Best Power Companies in NZ

  • Meridian Energy. Meridian Energy are one of the biggest retailers and generators of electricity for businesses, farms, and residential customers in New Zealand.
  • Genesis Energy.
  • Powershop.
  • Nova Energy.
  • Electric Kiwi.
  • Flick Electric.
  • Contact Energy.
  • Pulse Energy.

Is Genesis Energy expensive?

Genesis Energy is a diversified energy company….Genesis Energy.

Anytime $0.2393/kWh
Night Only $0.1881/kWh
Daily charge $2.5696/day

Who is the cheaper energy supplier?

The cheapest energy suppliers

Supplier Tariff
Cheapest Variable Outfox the Market One Variable Tarrif 6.0
Cheapest Fixed Avro Simple and SuperSave
Cheapest Big Six Scottish Power Super Saver September 2020 B3

Does Harvey Norman take Flybuys?

Harvey Norman and Noel Leeming are two of New Zealand’s largest electronics retailers and they both offer an ability to earn rewards points on most purchases. While Harvey Norman is partnered with Air New Zealand Airpoints, Noel Leeming has a partnership with Flybuys, where you can earn 1 Flybuys for every NZ$50 spent.

What is energy online phone number?

To add your preferred contact you can easily chat with us live online or give us a call on 0800 086 400.

What is the 0800 number for Contact Energy?

Call our Customer Service Team on 0800 224 424 to report the fault.

Where is the cheapest electricity in New Zealand?

Domestic electricity prices in New Zealand towns and cities

  • Auckland Central. $0.29.
  • Richmond. $0.29.
  • Wellington City. $0.29.
  • Christchurch. $0.29.
  • Queenstown. $0.29.
  • Ashburton. $0.28.
  • Invercargill. $0.28.
  • Dunedin. $0.26.

How much does a fridge cost to run NZ?


Appliance Typical power use (watts) Cost
Fridge/freezer – 15 years old – 380L 54c /day
Fridge/freezer – 10 years old – 372L 44c /day
Fridge/freezer – new – 372L 455 32c /day
Kitchen radio 100 3c /hour