Is Glass Tiger still alive?

Is Glass Tiger still alive?

Glass Tiger is a Grammy Award-nominated Canadian rock band from Newmarket, Ontario that formed in 1983….

Glass Tiger
Origin Newmarket, Ontario, Canada
Genres Rock, pop rock, new wave, synthrock
Years active 1983–present (hiatus: 1993–2003)
Labels EMI Manhattan (USA) Capitol Records Warner Music Canada

Did Rod Stewart sing with Glass Tiger?

“My Town” is a song by Canadian band Glass Tiger. Released in August 1991 as the fourth single from their third studio album, Simple Mission, Rod Stewart appears as a featured vocalist.

Where is the lead singer of Glass Tiger from?

Newmarket, Ontario, Canada
Alan Graham Frew (born November 8, 1956) is a Scottish-Canadian singer, songwriter, actor, and author, who is the lead singer of the Canadian rock band Glass Tiger….

Alan Frew
Born 8 November 1956 Coatbridge, Scotland
Origin Newmarket, Ontario, Canada
Genres Rock alternative rock

What was glass Tigers biggest hit?

Glass Tiger – Don’t Forget Me (When I’m Gone)

Who are the members of Glass Tiger?

Alan FrewVocals
Al ConnellyGuitarSam ReidKeyboard instrumentWayne ParkerBassChris McNeillDrum Kit
Glass Tiger/Members

How did Glass Tiger get its name?

Alan: Glass Tiger formed from the best of two local bands. ONYX (which had Wayne [Parker], Al [Connelly] and myself) and THE END (which had Michael [Hanson] and Sam [Reid]). We changed the name from Tokyo to Glass Tiger to signify the change from local bar band to recording band.

Who are the members of the band Glass Tiger?

Who wrote Glass Tiger songs?

Both songs were written by Jim Vallance and made Canadian history when Glass Tiger won successive Juno’s a year apart for Single of the Year from the same album. Additional singles from their debut album were “Thin Red Line” and “You’re What I Look For“. Both peaked in the Top Ten in Vancouver.

Who was the original drummer for Glass Tiger?

Chris McNeillGlass Tiger / Drummer