Is Godzilla battle line free?

Is Godzilla battle line free?

Godzilla Battle Line (ゴジラバトルライン Gojira Batoru Rain) is a free mobile game for Android and iOS in which players duel with teams of kaiju and superweapons in three-minute matches. Toho Games published it in Australia and Canada in April 2021, with a worldwide release following on June 15.

How do you update Godzilla battle line?

1. Search for “Godzilla Battle Line” in the search box at the top of the store. 2. Click the “Update” button on the Godzilla Battle Line app that appears in the search results to update the app.

How do you get Mothra in Godzilla battle line?

Mothra Leo can be discovered by exploring Expedition Maps obtained from ranked battles, as well as via Godzilla Pass Grade rewards. *The probability of discovering Mothra Leo differs for each Expedition Map. *The Godzilla Pass Grade reward will be available until maintenance on Sep. 29 (PST).

How do you play Godzilla battle line on PC?


  1. Search GODZILLA BATTLE LINE in Google Play.
  2. Download and Install GODZILLA BATTLE LINE.
  3. Enjoy playing GODZILLA BATTLE LINE on PC with MEmu.

How do you play Godzilla Tokyo clash?

In Godzilla: Tokyo Clash, players choose a Kaiju and shuffle their Kaiju deck, drawing a 5 card hand. One player will randomly receive the King of the Monsters token and they will be the first player. A game is played in rounds and each round consists of 4 phases.

How do you destroy the buildings in Godzilla board game?

They are treated as small buildings in the sense that you can blow them up when throwing a kaiju through the lightning generators space, but no do not count towards the damage track as you will need to add more lightning generators back to the board if you blow them all up.

Is Clover a kaiju?

Clover (クローバーフィールド?, Kurōbāfīrudo) is a kaiju created by Paramount Pictures that appeared in the 2008 film, Cloverfield.