Is Google Maps Autocomplete API free?

Is Google Maps Autocomplete API free?

The autocomplete request is available at no charge, and the subsequent Place Details call gets charged based on regular Place Details pricing. A Place Details request generates Data SKUs (Basic, Contact, and/or Atmosphere) – depending on the fields that are specified in the request.

How do I get Google Maps to show my city?

To see it yourself, go to Google Maps and search for a city name or even a zip code. You will see a pinkish highlight around the border. Based on your zoom level, as you zoom out, Google will highlight the whole area, not just the borders, in the pink color.

How do I get a city with Google API?

2) Make another web-service call to This will return a JSON which contains address_components . Looping through the types to find locality and postal_code can give you the city name and postal code.

Can we use Places API for free?

There are 1,000 free Places API lookups per 24 hours but you can increase them to 150,000 free lookups for 24 hours by Enabling Billing in Google Cloud Console. You can check up Google Place API documentation to find more details on all the prices and limits.

How do I show cities on Google Earth?

You can use Google Earth to travel the world and explore new places. You’ll find exotic cities, landmarks in 3D, and buildings up close….Show 3D imagery

  1. On your computer, open Google Earth.
  2. On the left, click Map Style. .
  3. Turn Enable 3D buildings on or off.

How do you outline a city in Maps?

How to Make Outline Maps on Google Maps

  1. Open the Google Maps website at in your Web browser.
  2. Click “My Places” at the left side of the map.
  3. Click “Create New Map” to create a new map or click the name of an existing map and click “Edit” to edit an existing map.

How do I use Google places Autocomplete API?

We recommend the following guidelines:

  1. Use session tokens for all autocomplete sessions.
  2. Generate a fresh token for each session.
  3. Ensure that the API key(s) used for all Place Autocomplete and Place Details requests within a session belong to the same Cloud Console project.

How do I limit Google autocomplete results to city and country only?

  1. List only cities in the country var options = { types: [‘(cities)’], componentRestrictions: {country: “us”} };
  2. List all cities, states and regions in the country var options = { types: [‘(regions)’], componentRestrictions: {country: “us”} };

Is there a premium version of Google Maps?

Welcome to the Google Maps Platform Premium Plan After you sign up for the Google Maps Platform Premium Plan, you’ll receive a Welcome letter from Google at the contact email address you provided. Your Welcome letter contains the following important information, so make sure you keep it handy: Project ID. Client ID.

How do I turn on city names in Google Earth?

If you prefer to see cities in two languages, turn on the ‘Local Place Names’ layer under the ‘More’ folder. This way, if you fly to the capital of Japan, for example, you’ll see both “Tokyo” and “東京“. Click on “Local Place Names” to turn on a second, local name for each city.

How do I plot multiple locations on Google Maps?

How to create a map with multiple points

  1. Make sure you’re signed in – you can do so by clicking the Login button in the top-right corner.
  2. In the top left corner, next to the search box, click the menu icon to expand the menu.
  3. Click Your Places, Maps and then click Create Map to edit your map.
  4. A new window will pop up.