Is Irritrol a good brand?

Is Irritrol a good brand?

Offering the best in professional design and service, Irritrol is one of the leading suppliers of high-quality irrigation products and is certainly a brand you can trust.

Are Lawn Genie and Irritrol valves the same?

The DPR series are the same valves as the Lawn Genie model L701 & L703. The 2711APR is the same as the Lawn Genie RJ 3/4 54000. A good quality, inexpensive valve that has been sold for many years under the Lawn Genie, and formerly under the Richdel brand name.

Is Hardie now Irritrol?

Hydro Rain was bought by Hardie and the valve was rebranded to Hardie. Hardie also bought the Irritrol company, but kept it under the Irritrol name. Then Hardie sold their irrigation division to Toro, with the condition that the Hardie name be removed from all the irrigation products.

How often do irrigation valves need to be replaced?

10 to 15 years
One of the components that you may need to replace regularly are the wires, often due to improper installation and corrosion. Valves will give you 10 to 15 years of service, while controllers 5 to 10 years.

What happened Hardie Irrigation?

In a deal likely to lead to layoffs at its corporate headquarters in Laguna Niguel, James Hardie Irrigation Group has agreed to be acquired by Minnesota-based lawn products concern Toro Co.

Are Orbit and Irritrol solenoids interchangeable?

All work just fine. Both Orbit & Irritrol solenoids are 24 VAC and will work fine on 12 VDC. Switched my Orbits to these. Orbit solenoids worked fine on 2 Irritrol valves.

Why do sprinkler solenoids fail?

When a solenoid valve (also called an electric valve or automatic sprinkler valve) fails to close it is almost always because something is stuck inside it. This might be a grain of sand, a small twig, a insect, or even a tiny snail. To fix the valve you need to disassemble and clean it.

How do you know if a sprinkler solenoid is bad?

Signs You Have a Problem

  1. The Water Won’t Shut Off. If you have this problem, it’s very likely the solenoid.
  2. Low or Uneven Water Pressure. The solenoid controls the water pressure.
  3. Water Leaks. There are many points in a sprinkler system that can leak.
  4. Current Testing.
  5. Valve Inspection.
  6. Parts Replacement.