Is it normal to have discharge years after hysterectomy?

Is it normal to have discharge years after hysterectomy?

It’s possible that you experience vaginal bleeding months or years after a hysterectomy. This may be because of vaginal atrophy or another medical condition, such as cancer. Call your doctor to discuss any bleeding that occurs more than six weeks after your procedure.

Is it normal for a woman to have discharge after menopause?

After menopause, many women have an abnormal discharge. It occurs because the decrease in estrogen levels causes the vagina to thin and become drier. A thin, dry vagina is more likely to become irritated and inflamed, resulting in a discharge.

What kind of discharge is normal after a hysterectomy?

You will likely have light spotting for 2 to 4 weeks. It may be pink, red, or brownish. It should not have a bad odor.

What kind of discharge is normal after hysterectomy?

What color is menopause discharge?

Generally speaking, healthy discharge is white, cream, or clear. It’s not too thick and can even be a little watery. It doesn’t have a strong odor and doesn’t cause irritation. You can have so little that you don’t even notice it until you see it on your underwear.

Is yellow discharge normal after a hysterectomy?

Expect vaginal discharge After a hysterectomy, it’s normal to have light vaginal discharge for up to 6 weeks. At first, the discharge may be bright red or pink. Gradually, it changes to a brownish or yellowish color.

Is yellowish discharge normal after hysterectomy?

When does discharge stop after hysterectomy?

After a hysterectomy, you’ll experience some vaginal bleeding and discharge. This will be less discharge than during a period, but it may last up to 6 weeks. Visit your GP if you experience heavy vaginal bleeding, start passing blood clots or have a strong-smelling discharge.

Is it normal to have yellowish discharge after a hysterectomy?

What does a gush of watery discharge mean?

Pale-yellow or clear fluid leaking from the vagina can be a sign of preterm rupture of membranes (PROM). When your water breaks, it may feel like a slow trickle of fluid from your vagina or a sudden gush of fluid. If you think you’re experiencing PROM, make sure to get medical assistance as soon as possible.

Can menopause cause yellow discharge?

The hormonal changes associated with menopause can often cause yellow discharge. “During menopause your vagina becomes less acidic and the walls become thinner putting you at a greater risk of infection.”

What kind of discharge is concerning?

If you suddenly have much more vaginal fluid than you normally do, it may be a sign of a problem. Color is also important. Bright yellow or green discharge could be a concern. Thick, clumped, or chunky discharge (like cottage cheese) or extra watery discharge can also mean something is amiss.

Is it normal for discharge to leak through your pants?

Watery discharge is normal and healthy. There’s nothing you can do to prevent it, but there are ways of dealing with it. The amount of discharge that accumulates in your underwear can fluctuate during the month. Excessive moisture in your underwear can be both uncomfortable and unhealthy.