Is it smoother or more smoothly?

Is it smoother or more smoothly?

Grammatically, the most correct form is ‘smoother’. It’s a monosyllabic word, just as fast -> faster, quick -> quicker, etc. NOTE: when smooth is used as an adverb, it may become ‘more smoothly’ E.g. with the friction taken out, the wheel rolled more smoothly.

What is more smoothly?

[more smoothly; most smoothly] : in a smooth way: such as. a : without any problems or difficulties. The whole trip went very smoothly.

How do you make a process smoother?

8 steps to a faster, smoother build process

  1. Reliable environment configurations.
  2. Use a dedicated environment.
  3. Keep your tests short.
  4. Keep your tests independent.
  5. Use the right locators for object identification.
  6. Set up and tear down application state.
  7. Use dynamic object synchronization.
  8. Automate test reruns.

How do you use smoothly in a sentence?

in a smooth and diplomatic manner.

  1. The dinghy sailed smoothly across the lake.
  2. The different components all have to interface smoothly.
  3. The engine was running smoothly.
  4. She says everything is going smoothly.
  5. The project goes on smoothly.
  6. The boat ran on smoothly.
  7. Traffic is now flowing smoothly again.

What is the comparative of smoothly?

smooth ​Definitions and Synonyms ​‌‌

adjective smooth
comparative smoother
superlative smoothest

Will go smoothly synonym?

Smoothly Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for smoothly?

easily effortlessly
facilely painlessly
fluently handily
lightly swimmingly
simply uncomplicatedly

How do you say something goes smoothly?


  1. constantly.
  2. fluently.
  3. horizontally.
  4. levelly.
  5. on an even keel.
  6. placidly.
  7. regularly.
  8. smoothly.

What is a smooth process?

causing no difficulty, problems, or delays. a smooth process/business.

What does it mean to move smoothly?

easily and without interruption or difficulty: Oil is used to make the parts of a machine move smoothly when they rub together. It’s nice to work in such a smoothly run office. (Definition of smoothly from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

What is another word for running smoothly?

What is another word for running smoothly?

coasting cruising
in fine shape operating smoothly
working well functioning well
running well working soundly
in great shape

What is the superlative of smoother?

Comparative. smoother. Superlative. smoothest. The superlative form of smooth; most smooth.

What type of word is smoother?

Smoother can be an adjective or a noun.

How do you say something went smoothly?

Synonyms & Antonyms of smoothly

  1. easily,
  2. easy,
  3. effortlessly,
  4. facilely,
  5. fluently,
  6. freely,
  7. handily,
  8. hands down,

What is another way to say run smoothly?

What is another way to say smooth process?

What is another word for smooth-running?

well-oiled efficient
efficacious optimisedUK
running smoothly well-designed
optimizedUS well-planned
well-run adjusted

Is smoothly an adjective?

smoothly adverb – Definition, pictures, pronunciation and usage notes | Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary at

Which words means to move smoothly?

To slide, or to move in a graceful way – thesaurus

  • slide. verb. to move smoothly and quickly across a surface.
  • glide. verb. to move in a smooth and easy way with no noise.
  • slither. verb. to slide over a surface.
  • dance. verb.
  • float. verb.
  • skid. verb.
  • slip. verb.
  • slip. verb.

What is the adjective for smoothly?

smoothable, adjectivesmoother, nounsmoothly, adverbsmoothness, noun.

Has gone smoothly meaning?

happen without problems, difficulties or delays.

Did it go smoothly meaning?

smoothly means “easily”, “painlessly”, “without any problems”. The network is running smoothly now that Bob plugged in the modems. Since he plugged the modems in there have been no problems.