Is it worth saving levels in Kotor?

Is it worth saving levels in Kotor?

STAR WARS™: Knights of the Old Republic™ Worthwhile if you start as a soldier (stop levelling up at 5) but playing as a scout (my preferred type) or a scoundrel it is better to level up to 8 for the skills. Saving levels is dependant on your build.

What level should I be in Kotor?

Optimizing jedi levels for your main character Optimal builds stay at level 2 of the base class until forced to level up as a jedi. This will result in an end-game build of scout 2/jedi consular 18, for example.

How do you save in Kotor?

Go to your KotOR 2 folder and make a folder called “saves”.

Do enemies level with you in Kotor?

Enemies do not ‘level up’. They are completely static.

Does starting class matter Kotor?

The class you choose will affect your character progression through the first portion of the game. It’s where you will gain the majority of your skills and feats and determines how you will have to play the game until you become a Jedi.

Which class should I pick in Kotor?

The best class in Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic is the Scout class. Playing as the Scout class provides you with an efficient way to place all of your skills, and being able to diversify your skills in a cheap and efficient way means long-term success in all facets of the game.

Does your class matter in Kotor?

What Jedi class is best Kotor?

The Scout. The scout fills the middle-ground between the Soldier and Scoundrel, offering average Skill and Feat progression, along with good Saves and Medium Armor. The Scout is the most versatile of the three classes and is the best choice for players planning ahead for their iconic Star Wars Jedi class.

What is the best class in KotOR?

Does KotOR have quick save?

In order to save buffer, stand in front of a trigger and hold both mouse buttons down to run forward. Before reaching the trigger, press the Quick Save hotkey (by default, F4). As the screen fades in, Quick Save again.

Can you become a Mandalorian in KOTOR?

No, but you can get Mandalorian armor and weapons.

Can you get Revan’s outfit in KOTOR?

Darth Revan’s robes are found on the Star Forge, so they aren’t available until the last stages of the game. These are the robes that Revan wore during the height of their power as a Sith Lord. The robes can be recreated by Revan on the Star Forge through the Replicator on Deck 2 with up to 25 Computer Spikes.

Does Kotor auto save?

it has auto saving but it saves very rarely. You just have to remember to save your progress often.