Is Jere Fields related to Kim Fields?

Is Jere Fields related to Kim Fields?

Biography: “Jere Fields started out as a child actress and was credited as “Jerelyn Fields.” She is rumored to be a relative of the actress Kim Fields, but that is unconfirmed.

Who is Jimmie Walker wife?

Personal life and political views According to an appearance on The Wendy Williams Show on June 27, 2012, Walker stated he has never been married nor fathered children, but has had many girlfriends.

Where is Jere Fields now?

After her retirement from acting, Jere Fields pursued graduate studies at The University of Southern California and earned her MSW in 2014. She is now a licensed clinician in California.

Who is Alexis Fields husband?

Kevin JacksonAlexis Fields / Husband

Who is Alexis Fields dad?

Erv HurdAlexis Fields / Father

How old is Jere Fields?

62 years (July 2, 1959)Jere Fields / Age

Is Ralph Carter married?

River Yorkm. 1994
Lisa Parksm. 1987–1992
Ralph Carter/Spouse

Who Kim Fields dad?

Erv HurdKim Fields / Father
Fields is the daughter of actress/director Chip Fields-Hurd, and the older sister of actress Alexis Fields, best known for her roles on Kenan & Kel, Moesha and Sister, Sister as well as Roc.

How old is Chip Fields?

70 years (August 5, 1951)Chip Fields / Age

Was Jere Fields married to Jimmie Walker?

It is unknown if Jere was ever married, however many gossip sites in the internet speculated about her being married to Jimmie Walker, a famous actor since 1980. The rumor came about because they appeared together in “Tattletales” in 1974. But the truth is that they were never a couple. Walker and Fields were only good friends and co workers.

Who is Jere Jere Fields?

Jere Fields is a strong woman full of talent, love, kindness and patience. She has been always the kind of woman that will work for her dreams until the end; she said that one of the secrets behind her successful career is that she dreamed big always, even when her circumstances told her another thing, she always believed she could be great.

Does Jere Fields have any siblings?

Similarly, she grew up with her siblings Kim Fields and Alexis Fields. Since she was born to the parents of the acting foundation, it was not difficult for Jere to pursue acting at an early age. After completing her education, she graduated from Saddleback High School in Santa Ana, California.

Is Jimmie Walker in a relationship?

Jimmie Walker feels marriage is nothing but a sham. American actor and comedian Jimmie Walker ‘s relationship has always been a subject of discussion. Fully committed to his job, Walker has expressed little to no interest in getting married or being in a relationship. Despite that, gossip about his personal life remains active.