Is Lake wateree a good place to live?

Is Lake wateree a good place to live?

Living on lake wateree is very rural without a lot of boat traffic. The state park has good facilities and a camp ground as well as a place to launch your boat and buy gas for it. It also has a beach for swimming. I rated it average because I don’t use it much, but thought it over and re rated it higher.

How many acres is Lake wateree?

13,025 acres
Lake Wateree, located 30 miles northeast of Columbia, is the largest of the Catawba-Wateree lakes in South Carolina with 13,025 acres. It has 216 miles (348 km) of shoreline (including islands) and includes Lake Wateree State Recreation Area, a bird refuge, and Shaw Air Force Base Recreation center.

What county is Lake wateree SC in?

Lake Wateree is a 21-square-mile (50 km2) reservoir in Kershaw, Fairfield, and Lancaster counties, South Carolina, in the United States. Developed in 1919 by the damming of the Wateree River, it is one of South Carolina’s oldest man-made lakes.

Where can I fish in Lake Wateree?

The creek and river junction, an underwater island in the middle of the river and the north point of the creekmouth are prime targets. Taylor typically fishes the upper end of Lake Wateree during the summer months, and this entire general area is known for holding catfish, especially big blue catfish.

Are there alligators in Lake Wateree?

Alligators are common in South Carolina and definitely present in Kershaw County, but are unlikely to venture into Lake Wateree, say experts.

Is it safe to swim in Lake Wateree?

Is swimming allowed at Lake Wateree State Park? Yes, we have swimming in our Day-Use area. There are picnic tables, grills, and the lake stays primarily sandy and gently slopes out into the lake. It is swim at your own risk.

Can you swim in Lake Wateree?

Can you eat fish from Lake Wateree?

The fish in Lake Wateree found to have high levels of PCBs are striped bass, blue catfish, and large mouth bass. DHEC’s Adam Myrick says it is okay to eat those types of fish in moderation.

Is Lake Wateree safe to swim in?

Is Lake wateree contaminated?

Lake Wateree, a recreation hot spot north of Columbia, is the only lake in South Carolina known to have toxic levels of algae, a resilient plant that some suspect is growing because of pollution and blistering summer weather.

Are there alligators in Wateree lake?

Is Lake Wateree clean?

“Lake Wateree, like any natural water body, isn’t a sterile environment and the presence of harmful bacteria, viruses and other organisms that can cause illness is always a possibility.