Is Lian Li a good case?

Is Lian Li a good case?

Lian Li is best known for producing the best PC cases for those who seek a more premium finish. Lately, the company has been pushing out into the more affordable segment and there are more cases to choose from, allowing more people to enjoy the craftsmanship on offer.

Does Lian Li cases come with fans?

The O11 AIR MINI comes with 2 x 140mm PWM front fans and 1 x 120mm PWM rear fan pre-installed straight out of the box.

Does the Lian Li PC-O11 come with fans?

How many fans can the Lian Li PC-O11 hold?

The PC-011 Air has five locations for air intake and exhaust and is able to accommodate a total of twelve 120mm fans and multiple 360mm radiators inside the Mid-Tower sized case. Lian Li dubs the case as the ultimate platform for cooling.

Is Lian Li good airflow?

Best answer: The Lian Li O11D Mini has excellent airflow for such a compact chassis. With up to nine fans to install, it’s possible to create considerable airflow within the PC case to help keep internal temperatures low.

Can ATX fit in Lian Li Mini?

Lian Li O11-Dynamic-mini Overview Designed to fit ATX, micro-ATX, and mini-ITX boards, this case utilizes a modular design allowing builders to choose between five or seven horizontal expansion slots, or three vertical ones.

What does Lian mean in English?

Lian is a girl’s name of Mandarin origin that means “graceful willow” or “lotus flower.” Lotus flowers are frequently used as a symbol for rebirth and purity, thanks to being able to grow and bloom in even the murkiest waters.

How many case fans do I need?

At the minimum, two case fans are needed for optimal cooling, and ideally three. An exhaust fan should be placed on the back panel, while an intake fan should be placed on the front panel. It is important to have two to three fans for the best performance, as a single exhaust fan can be damaging to the CPU.