Is LinkedIn public?

Is LinkedIn public?

Based in the United States, the site is, as of 2013, available in 24 languages. LinkedIn filed for an initial public offering in January 2011 and traded its first shares in May, under the NYSE symbol “LNKD”.

Who are LinkedIn’s competitors?

LinkedIn competitors include ZipRecruiter,, Google, Meta and Monster.

Who uses LinkedIn the most?

United States
Top 45 countries by number of Linkedin members

Rank Country Members
1 United States 171,000,000+
2 India 69,000,000+
3 China 51,000,000+
4 Brazil 45,000,000+

Can I invest in LinkedIn?

With over 260 million active monthly users, LinkedIn is more than just another social media channel. This network of CEO, Entrepreneurs and other business professionals can deliver huge marketing and sales ROI if you invest in it properly.

Is LinkedIn on the stock exchange?

In a regulatory filing Thursday, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) disclosed that it has notified the Securities and Exchange Commission of its intent to delist LinkedIn on Dec. 19. This means the NYSE will remove the entirety of LinkedIn’s Class A common stock from listing and registration on the exchange.

Is LinkedIn on the stock market?

What is the Chinese equivalent of LinkedIn?

In China, LinkedIn will be replaced with a new jobs-only app called InJobs. InJobs will maintain LinkedIn’s job search features, but will remove all social networking functions, such as creating posts and sharing articles.

Who is the biggest competitor of LinkedIn?

LinkedIn’s Biggest Competitor Is a Facebook App That Just Hit 25 Million Users. Two years and 25 million registered users after launching its professional network for Facebook, BranchOut is LinkedIn’s biggest competitor.

What is the stock symbol for LinkedIn?

LinkedIn Corporation (LNKD)