Is Maax Spas still in business?

Is Maax Spas still in business?

We’re still known as MAAX Spas, but we are now a division of American Bath Group.” Being part of ABG helped MAAX Spas retain its foothold and continue production in the wake of the pandemic.

Who makes elite hot tubs?

The Elite Spas brand is built by MAAX Spas manufacturing in Arizona. Elite Spas are roomy and powerful hot tubs that offer luxurious features. There are 11 models of Elite Spas and Hot Tub Outpost carries many replacement spa parts, filters and accessories for them.

Who makes MAAX Spas?

the American Bath Group
We continued to be under Brookfield until January 2017, when both MAAX Spas and MAAX Bath were acquired by the American Bath Group, who owns us today. We’re still known as MAAX Spas, but we are now a division of American Bath Group.” Today, MAAX Spas employs about 220 people, with 202 in Chandler.

Should jets be on when heating hot tub?

Before covering your hot tub, make sure to turn on the jets as this will accelerate the pace of your hot tub’s heating. By running the jets, you’re allowing the heated water to be circulated and evenly distributed to all areas of the hot tub.

How long does a spa take to heat up?

Your spa heat-up time depends on the temperature of the water, the ambient temperature, the location of the spa and size of the heater. As a rule of thumb, we say 1-2 degrees per hour. Swim spas can take from 20 to 40 hours and portable spas from 12-18 hours.

What is Marquis in elite?

Compared to similarly-equipped hot tubs from the top brands, Marquis Elite offers a superior combination of performance and value. This includes three hallmark features we call the Big 3: High-flow Therapy, ConstantClean™ water management and MicroSilk® oxygen skin therapy.

How do I set the temperature on my Marquis hot tub?

Press the TEMP+ or the TEMP- pad. Each pad press changes the set temperature by one degree. Tempera- ture can be set between 80°F and 104°F (26°C and 40°C). When the spa is heating the Heat icon will be shown in the lower right corner of display.

Where are MAAX Spas manufactured?

At one point, under MAAX, we had three different manufacturing sites – British Columbia, Ontario, and Chandler. Through our lean manufacturing transformation in 2005, we ended up integrating the B.C. facility and the Ontario facility into the Chandler facility here.”

How do I reset my artesian spa?

Take off the spa cover to allow the water to cool down. The hot tub should automatically reset for a temp of 107°F (41.7°C). Shut the power down to the hot tub and contact the dealer or service company if the hot tub won’t reset.

Can I leave hot tub jets on with cover on?

Hot tub jets can be run with the cover on. But if chemicals have just been added, it is best to leave the cover off for 20 minutes as the mist of the water and chemicals could damage the underside of the cover over time.