Is Machel Montano still married?

Is Machel Montano still married?

On February 14, 2020 Montano married his longtime girlfriend Renee Butcher (now Renee Montano) at Trinidad’s The Red House, the first such wedding in 20 years at the country’s seat of parliament, making him only the second Soca singer male or female to get married in the month of February after Alison Hinds (with whom …

What awards did Machel Montano win?

Soul Train Music Award for Best International Performance
Nigerian Entertainment Award for Afrosoca Artist
Machel Montano/Awards

What did Machel Montano contribute to Trinidad and Tobago?

The next year, Machel took 2nd place in the Trinidad & Tobago National Song Writer’s Festival with his song, “Dream Girl.” In 1987, at the age of 12, he was the winner of the Caribbean Song Festival held in Barbados. He was the first Trinidadian and youngest to ever win this prestigious contest.

How old is Kes the Band?

Kes (commonly known as Kes the Band or KTB) is a Caribbean soca group formed in 2005, and known for their unique blend of soulful vocals, calypso inspired melodies, rock riffs and island beats, with hints of reggae.

How old is Montano?

59 years (August 1, 1962)Cesar Montano / Age

When did Machel Montano get married?

February 14, 2020 (Renee Montano)Machel Montano / Wedding date

Where did Machel Montano go to school?

Siparia Boys’ R.C.
Presentation College San Fernando
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What is Kes real name?

“Wotless” was created through a collaboration between Kes and Trinidadian born singer/songwriter/producer Kerwin Dubois. Kees was crowned King of International Soca Monarch at the International Soca Monarch competition that year….Kes (band)

Kes The Band
Genres Soca
Years active 2005–present