Is M&K Sound still in business?

Is M&K Sound still in business?

M&K announced the cessation of business operations after 34 years in a notice posted on the company web site nearly a year ago on February 22, 2007. As of Thursday, Feb 22, the M&K Factory is closed.

How good are M&K speakers?

There’s a wonderful detail and clarity here, and a sense that you’re hearing exactly what the sound designer or mixer wants you to. The high-end is perfectly rendered, while the mid-tones are also well represented, resulting in an excellent performance across the majority of the frequency range.

What is MK Sound?

For more than four decades, M&K Sound has been held in the highest regard by the audio press, the film and music industries as well as by home users seeking the finest loudspeakers for music and home theater.

What kind of speakers does Miller and Kreisel make?

Miller & Kreisel Movie 5.1 system saves on space, not on SOUND. The flat design of the K50-front speakers makes for a visually pleasant unobtrusive appearance. The trapezoidal shape of the K40T not only looks good, it also brings a tonal advantage for the surround sound.

Why choose Miller&Kreisel Sound System?

Atmospheric scenes dominated the thrilling as well as fast-paced action scenes, always paired with a crystal-clear dialogue reproduction. The “Movie 5.1 system” of Miller & Kreisel supplies with minimum space requirements excellent home theater sound and is also priced very attractive.

Is the Miller and Kreisel S150 still the best?

The first true update to the classic M&K S150 speaker, the new Miller & Kreisel S150 redefines sound quality and performance. The S150 is still the speaker to beat when it comes to reference monitors for professional cinema sound design or stereo recording.

What are the features of the Miller and Kreisel M70?

With features like a high performance silk-dome tweeter, smooth, double 4” bass/midrange drivers, magnetic shielding and full-bodied sound with wide dynamic range reminiscent of the finest Miller & Kreisel professional studio monitors, the M70 earns the right to bear the Miller & Kreisel name.