Is Nash Grier a dad?

Is Nash Grier a dad?

Nash Grier is going to be a dad! The 21-year-old internet star is expecting his first child with his fiancee, Taylor Giavasis, ET has exclusively learned.

Who was the most followed person on Vine?

During that month, teenager and social media celebrity Nash Grier had 12.88 million followers….Vine accounts with the most followers worldwide as of January 2017 (in millions)

Characteristic Number of followers in millions
KingBach 16.27
Nash Grier 12.88

Is Shawn Mendes in MagCon?

Shawn is no longer part of MagCon, since he’s busy touring the world and making music but after taking a break from it all, Cameron is still a main member and ringleader behind the newer tours. But as the “Mercy” singer has made clear time and time again, he doesn’t ever forget his roots.

Who is g1avasis?

Taylor Giavasis (@g1avasis) • Instagram photos and videos.

Where is Nikki giavasis from?

Canton, OHNikki Giavasis / Place of birth

How old is Malakai giavasis?

2 years (2019)Malakai Giavasis-Grier / Age

What is the best Vine of all time?

Say Farewell to Vine With the 25 Best Vines of All Time

  • Hater Blockers. An error occurred.
  • Caught. We’ll miss Josh Peck’s vines.
  • Doughnut Time.
  • Wedding time. This father son duo stole our hearts on Vine.
  • Narrating people’s lives.
  • Poor Jay. We hope that kid’s doing okay.
  • The Circle of Life.
  • Eyebrows on fleek.

Who created Magcon?

Bart Bordelon
Magcon was first founded in September, 2013 by an entrepreneur named Bart Bordelon. Bordelon got the idea from Aaron Carpenter, an internet personality, who said he was going to the mall to meet up with some of his Instagram followers.