Is ngunguru a town?

Is ngunguru a town?

Ngunguru is a coastal settlement in Northland, New Zealand, 26 kilometres (16 mi) north-east of Whangārei.

How did ngunguru get its name?

The name Ngunguru refers to rumbling tides, a reflection of the seafaring tradition of the local people.

What does Tutukaka mean in English?

Tutukaka is the Maori word for “parrot snaring tree”. The area was renowned for Puriri trees, whose succulent red berries attract parrots and wood pigeons, a favourite food of the indigenous Maori.

Where is Tutukaka coast?

Northland, New Zealand
The Tutukaka Coast is located North East of Whangarei City in Northland, New Zealand. Driving takes approximately 2.5 hours from Auckland when heading North, or 1 hour from the Bay of Islands when heading South. Driving time from Whangarei city is 20 minutes.

How many people live in Tutukaka?

Source: Tutukaka had a population of 726 at the 2018 New Zealand census, an increase of 138 people (23.5%) since the 2013 census, and an increase of 207 people (39.9%) since the 2006 census.

How did Whananaki get its name?

The area was reputedly named by Puhi, the captain of the legendary waka Mātaatua. The Māori-language word Whananāki means “kicking”, and the name arose because mosquitoes caused Puhi to sleep restlessly.

Is Tutukaka safe?

Tutukaka harbour has been a safe haven for mariners for centuries. It is cupped by steep hills and, whichever way the storms rage, boats are secure here. Combine this with brilliant diving on the Poor Knights Islands, and great game fishing, and it’s an obvious place for a substantial marina.

Why are they called the Poor Knights?

The Poor Knights are located 23km off the coast of Tutukaka, on Northland’s east coast. The rocky outcrop was named by Captain James Cook, who spied them as he sailed around the region’s east coast. The islands called to mind a knight who lacked the funds to be buried below ground.

How long is the Whananaki foot bridge?

395 meters
New Zealand at its best; Whananaki, a small beach community. Beautiful beaches, surfing, great walks, unique accommodation. This bridge is the longest footbridge in the Southern Hemisphere at 395 meters in length.

Who owns Tutukaka Marina?

Jeroen​ Jongejans​
The clean-up is set to continue at Tutukaka Marina on Monday, after a tsunami surge from the Tongan eruption hit the marina on Saturday night. About eight to 10 boats have sunk, numerous other boats have been damaged, and there is extensive damage to marina structures, said Dive! Tutukaka owner Jeroen​ Jongejans​.

How far offshore are the Poor Knights?

800 m offshore
The reserve is located around 22 km off the east coast of Northland. It extends 800 m offshore from all the Poor Knights Islands and associated islets, rocks and stacks including Sugarloaf Rock and High Peak Rocks (Pinnacles).

Do people live on the Poor Knights Islands?

Over 400 people use to live on the islands, with pa sites, marae, and terraced gardens. Left to nature, the archaeological remnants are the most pristine in New Zealand’s heritage, the only disturbance being the roots of the mighty pohutukawa canopy that has risen overhead.

Can you take dogs to Waipu Cove?

Waipū Cove No dogs at all times: on Waipu Cove beach from Tip Road to Camp Waipū Cove.

Are dogs allowed at Sandy Bay?

However, dogs are allowed off-leash at Sandy Bay, just north of Clontarf Reserve. Sandy Bay also has a small sheltered beach that is very shallow, perfect for dogs to run in.

How do I get to Poor Knights Island?

The Poor Knights Islands can be easily reached by boat from almost any port in Hauraki Gulf and Northland. Charter boats from Auckland, Leigh, Whangārei, Tutukaka, and Bay of Islands visit the islands.

Can you land on Poor Knights Islands?

Boaties can enjoy the coastline, archways, and clear waters but you are not permitted to land on any part of the islands or rocks.

Can you land on Poor Knights?

Landing on any of the Poor Knights Islands and associated rocks is strictly prohibited and boats must not be tied to any part of the shoreline.