Is Ninja Fruit a sativa or indica?

Is Ninja Fruit a sativa or indica?

Description. Ninja Fruit is a hybrid with an even balance of indica and sativa effects. It’s a cross between Grapefruit Haze X Grape Ape and was bred by Ocean Grown. It has a THC content of about 14-15%, which is relatively low, making this strain a good option for beginners.

What does OG stand for strain?

Original Gangsta
An Amsterdam-based cannabis seller, DNA Genetics, claims credit for marketing the OG Kush strain. According to DNA Genetics, OG stands for “Original Gangsta,” coined by the crew of the hip-hop group, Cypress Hill. The story goes that in the 1990s, they discovered the OG Kush strain at a Grateful Dead concert.

What is the most popular OG strain?

Top 10 OG Kush strains

  • Kush-N-Cheese. Genetics. UK Cheese.
  • Kushberry. Genetics. Oregon Blueberry.
  • Cookies Kush. Genetics. OG Kush.
  • Exodus Kush. Genetics. Indica-dominant (60%)
  • Chemdog. Genetics. OG Kush.
  • King’s Kush. Genetics. Grape.
  • Amnesia Kush. Genetics. OG Kush.
  • OG Kush Autoflowering. Genetics. Indica-dominant autoflowering.

Is Point Break indica or sativa?

About Point Break From its famous parents, Tropicana Cookies and Trophy Wife, Point Break manages to soothe and sedate its users with a slightly Indica-dominant structure and a THC level that hovers in the low-mid 20s.

Is Jet fuel an indica?

Jet Fuel is a relaxing indica-dominant hybrid that provides a calming effect described as balanced and cerebral. This cultivar has an earthy aroma and savory diesel taste. This hybrid is best used during the evening.

What strain is ex wife?

Description. Ex Wife is a cross between Ghost OG x Trophy Wife and an indica-dominant hybrid. A unique strain that promotes physical and mental effects.

How many og strains are there?

7 strains from OG Kush

  • Tahoe OG. Tahoe OG will get you high as hell.
  • Bubba Kush. Bubba Kush is probably the most well-known Kush strain not-named OG Kush.
  • Fire OG. Fire OG crosses OG Kush with an SFV OG Kush variety.
  • Headband.
  • True OG.