Is Nundah a good suburb to live in?

Is Nundah a good suburb to live in?

“A great up-and-coming suburb” – Excellent public transport, 14min train to CBD. – Schools, parks, bikeways. Lots of development going on with apartment complexes, restaurants and office space being built near Nundah Village. Location is everything, and Nundah is looking like a perfect growth area to live in or invest.

What LGA is Nundah in?

Local government area for Nundah, QLD Nundah is in the local government area of ‘Brisbane’. The ‘Brisbane’ local government area is classified as a ‘City’.

Who are the traditional land owners of Nundah?

Aboriginal history Like most of Northern Brisbane, the area around Nundah was dominated by the Turrbul tribe.

Who is rode road named after?

Rode Road is named after him. Friedrich Theodor Franz, Christopher Eipper, one of the clergyman who lead the mission. The party was joined by two clergymen, Carl Wilhelm Schmidt and Chistoph Eipper and their wives Louise and Harriet.

Is Nundah a good suburb to invest?

NUNDAH ranks 690th on the list of best yielding suburbs for rental properties in QLD, posting a 2.69% return.

Is Nundah a good investment?

This places Nundah as a strong rental market, with room for more investors to enter the market. 3 bedroom houses have provided investors with +6.4% rental growth annually, with a median rent of $500 per week.

Where is nundah NSW?

Nundah just off the Wattle Ponds Creek in New South Wales is a locality about 150km north of Sydney (show me). Nundah is about 127m above sea level. The nearest more populous place is the city of Singleton which is 6.2km away with a population of around 13,000 (show me a map with Nundah and Singleton).

What does Nundah mean in Aboriginal?

Each one of these suburbs have Aboriginal names. Wooloowin meaning Species of Pigeon, Nundah meaning water-holes or lagoons, Yeronga meaning gravelly place and Enoggera place of sticky soil.

What Aboriginal land is Nundah on?

Nundah (previously called German Station) is an inner suburb in the City of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. It contains the neighbourhood of Toombul. In the 2016 census, Nundah had a population of 12,141 people. Prior to European settlement, Nundah was inhabited by Aboriginal people from the Turrbul tribe.

What Aboriginal land is nundah on?

What is Sandgate?

Sandgate is a northern coastal suburb in the City of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

What is Wavell Heights Postcode Qld?

4012Wavell Heights / Postal code

Is nundah a good suburb to invest?

What Aboriginal land is Sandgate?

The suburb now known as Sandgate was originally known as Cabbage Tree Creek. Sandgate as a name is said to derive from the name of the town of Sandgate in Kent, England, which is also a seaside district. The Aboriginal name for the area was said to be Warra, believed to mean a stretch or expanse of water.