Is October a good time to go to Oahu?

Is October a good time to go to Oahu?

The best time to visit Oahu, taking into consideration the weather, demand for accommodations, and how crowded (or not) the island is – are the months of early April, May, September, and early October.

Is October a good month to go to Hawaii?

October is an excellent month to book your Hawaiian vacation if you want to see pristine weather, reasonable rates, fewer crowds, and many cultural events.

Does it rain a lot in Oahu in October?

The average sliding 31-day rainfall during October in Honolulu is increasing, starting the month at 1.1 inches, when it rarely exceeds 2.5 inches, and ending the month at 1.6 inches, when it rarely exceeds 4.1 inches or falls below 0.1 inches.

Is it rainy in Hawaii in October?

Honolulu experiences an average rainfall of 1.1 inches in October, whereas the average precipitation in Kailua during this month is 2 inches. Additionally, Hawaii sees most of its rainfall overnight rather than during the day, meaning that rain will probably not disrupt too many of your daily activities.

Is October hurricane season in Hawaii?

Hurricane season in Hawaii runs from June through November, but it’s pretty rare for big storms to hit, so don’t let that deter you.

How busy is Oahu in October?

The different islands also see contrasting tourism numbers throughout the year. For example, around 470,000 visitors travel to Oahu during October each year, compared to the approximately 100,000 visitors in Kauai.

What is the leeward side of Oahu?

Leeward Coast, Oahu The sunny and dry Leeward Coast of Oahu lies at the foot of the Waianae mountain range just 30 miles from Waikiki, but the contrast between the regions is striking.

Which side of Oahu is the sunniest?

THE BIG ISLAND’S MOST POPULAR The driest and sunniest area of the Island is found on the Kohala Coast. Home to the Kohala Resort Area, the sunny Kohala Coast gets an average of just 10 inches of rainfall per year, making it the most popular part of the Island for vacationers!

Is October rainy in Hawaii?

October is the beginning of Hawaii’s winter rainy season, which spans until late April. As a result, you may experience a few mild rainstorms during your visit to the islands.

Does it rain in October in Hawaii?

Is the leeward side of Oahu safe?

Unfortunately, there is a high crime rate in the Waianae town area, with reports of vehicle break-ins being commonplace. A number of the beach parks are home to people who cannot afford housing. Also, Highway 93 – the road that hugs the coastline – is narrow, winding and is notorious for accidents.

What beaches are on the leeward side of Oahu?

O’ahu’s Leeward Beaches

  • Ma’ili Beach Park. Marking the beginning of Ma’ili town and its long stretch of beach, Ma’ili Point is one of the more dynamic and picturesque settings along the leeward coast.
  • Poka’i Bay Beach Park.
  • Makaha Beach Park.
  • Makua Beach.
  • Yokohama Bay.
  • Paradise Cove.
  • Ko Olina Lagoons.

What side of Oahu is leeward?

The leeward (west) side is by far the least visited of areas on O’ahu, due partly to its isolated location on a no-outlet, dead-end road behind the Waianae Mountains and partly because there’s little-to-no tourism development.

What is the driest part of Oahu?

Oahu – Basically the southern and southwestern end of the island is the driest. Kahala Beach (Kahala Resort is the one and only option.)