Is Ovechkin a generational talent?

Is Ovechkin a generational talent?

There may be a few exceptions, such as Crosby and Ovechkin both being generational talents at the top of their games at the same time. Each time one of these “once in a generation” type of players gets drafted to an NHL team, they have been able to build a Stanley Cup Champion.

Is Connor McDavid the best ever?

“He’s the best player in the world,” MacKinnon said earlier this season. McDavid is having an unreal postseason, co-leading the scoring race with teammate Leon Draisaitl with 26 points in 12 games. “It’s quite a spectacle (what) Connor’s doing out there,” NHL legend Mike Gartner said.

Is McDavid better than Matthews?

To not many people’s surprise, McDavid leads the NHL in individual expected goals with 39.4, followed closely by Matthews, who is tied in second with Draisaitl with 38.1. McDavid’s xGF is 74.9 in all situations, while his xGA (expected goals against) is 56.9.

What is Connor McDavid most known for?

McDavid is considered one of the best players in the NHL by other players, fans, and journalists, and he has drawn comparisons to players such as Sidney Crosby and Wayne Gretzky. His opponents have praised his speed on the ice, and McDavid has won Fastest Skater at the NHL All-Star Skills Competition three times.

Who is the next generational hockey player?

Everyone in the NHL is talking about Shane Wright being the number one overall pick in the 2022 NHL Draft and the kind of talent he brings.

How did Sidney Crosby change the NHL?

And Sidney Crosby raised the modern standard for work to be put in — even lacking easy access to practice ice and other support when he was growing up in Halifax, he doubtlessly put in more hours of work — on skills, on conditioning — than any other player on the list of the NHL’s 10 greatest of all time.

Who is better McDavid or Gretzky?

At the time of this post in April 2022, McDavid has played seven seasons in the NHL so far. In Gretzky’s first seven seasons, he scored 481 goals. On the other hand, McDavid scored “only” 232 goals in the same amount of time. Over the course of his career, Wayne Gretzky scored 894 goals.

Is Auston Matthews a generational talent?

It’s plays like this that exemplify Auston Matthews is a generational talent. He’s now tied for the NHLs lead in goals scored this season.

Who wears number 97 in the NHL?

Connor McDavid
97 — Connor McDavid. The skinny: Appropriately, McDavid has 97 points (34 goals, 63 assists) in 64 games this season, second in the NHL behind teammate Leon Draisaitl’s 110.

When can Connor Bedard be drafted?

2020Connor Bedard / Date joined (Regina Pats)

Is Auston Matthews a superstar?

Toronto superstar becomes the first NHL player to score 60 in a season since Steven Stamkos in the 2011-12 season. Maple Leafs fans were over the moon when superstar centre Auston Matthews hit the the historic 60th goal milestone Tuesday night against the Detroit Red Wings.

Is Auston Matthews that good?

Offensively, Matthews has provided more value than any other player in the NHL this season. Matthews is also the only elite offensive player who also provides elite defense. That is why you keep hearing that this is the best season anyone has had in the NHL in 20 years.