Is Panorama bar the same as Berghain?

Is Panorama bar the same as Berghain?

It has three dance floors: Berghain, a dark main room where most DJs play techno, Panorama Bar, an upstairs space that’s more focused on house, and the Säule on ground floor, though the music policy in all rooms is very open-ended.

Does Berghain have a bar?

Panorama Bar, the upstairs dance floor, opened in October of that year, followed one month later by the main dance floor, and one year later by Lab. Oratory, the gay sex club (Crisco is sold at the bar) that takes up space on the building’s ground floor.

Has Berghain shut down?

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in Germany, in March 2020, Berghain closed along with all other nightclubs in Berlin. Over the summer, it hosted several sound art installations inside the building and the adjacent beer garden.

Is Berghain the best club in the world?

Berghain has been nominated as the best club in the world each year for the past decade and continues to attract ravers from all over the globe. A recent study found that a third of Berlin’s tourists are there specifically for the nightlife, and nothing says nightlife like a three-day rave at Berghain.

Can you wear jeans to Berghain?

In fact, black jeans and T-shirts are probably safe bets, and a pair of high heels will get you booted without a second thought. The rooms at Berghain are reserved for those who love electronic music (that’s minimal techno and 90-minute-long house tracks — not radio-friendly EDM cuts), and will fit into the scene.

Is Panorama Bar hard to get into?

Every weekend, the club attracts some of the best DJs from all over the planet to spin and pump beats so intense that they ring in your bones instead of your ears. These days, the club’s notoriously hard door policy is as famous as the club itself.

Is Berghain overrated?

But I do think this „Berghain myth“ is overrated. Yes, the soundsystem is probably the best out there and the line-ups are really good, but it is what it is. Not more, not less. It is a super good party but you can find that elsewhere too, even though a lot of people suggest otherwise.

Are you allowed phones in Berghain?

These tiny circular stickers are placed on your phone’s camera lens by security as soon as you walk through the club’s security checkpoint, effectively eliminating your ability to take pictures. You may, however, still use your phone for texts and calls while you rave all weekend long.

Can you take your phone into Berghain?

You may, however, still use your phone for texts and calls while you rave all weekend long. But if you’re ever caught taking a picture, you risk getting ejected and blacklisted from the club for the rest of your sorry life (or at least that’s what they tell you).

Can you get into Berghain if you don’t speak German?

You don’t have to speak German ‘ So, while it is true that it isn’t necessary to speak German to get into Berghain, politeness definitely plays a part and showing that you are making an effort can make all the difference.